Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Monthly Lila: 35

One day, Lila and I were looking at pictures of her. She said, "I love me momma! I love my own self!" We came to a picture of the two of us hugging and she said, "Awwww, we love each other!"

Lila's favorite song is "I hope they call me on a mission." She frequently comes up to me and, totally seriously, says, "I hope them call me on a mission, Mommy."

One day Lila said, "Asher, since we are best friends can we play?"

Janelle babysat Lila while Ryan and I took the boys to see Star Wars. Apparently, Lila walked into Janelle's house and said, "This is a tiny house!"

While we were in California, Lila didn't call any of her older girl cousins by names, but rather referred to them all as "those tall girls." There are four of those tall girls around, so we were never quite sure which tall girl she was talking about! Lila loved the tall girls and was so spoiled by them all week long. She is the youngest cousin (and will probably always be the youngest cousin) and is very much enjoyed and doted upon. Several times throughout the week, I saw her go grab a cousin's arm or hand, tell them, "Come on with me!" then start running while holding their hand. I never saw a cousin turn her down or tell her to wait for a minute. She is a blessed little girl!

Lila loved all the extra attention she got while we were in California. She'd run into a room and yell, "Everybody! Look at me!" and we all would, ha! She has such an engaging personality and you can't help but just love her.

One day I was working on the computer and Lila came up and asked, "Do you need the little sister?" Then she climbed on my lap and said, "Do you need me?" I conceded that sure, I needed her, and she proceeded to put her hands on top of mine and mimic me typing.

Whenever I'm cooking, Lila will come in and ask, "How can I help you Mommy?"

One day, after I'd read a book to, rocked, and cuddled with Lila, I told her it was time for me to go out and gave her a kiss. She asked, "Why do you always leave me, Mommy?" 

Lila has also discovered the art of fake sleeping. She does a pretty believable deep breathe/light snore. It's kind of hilarious. She fake sleeps all the time.

She found five bows she wanted to wear. 

One day Lila asked, in an indignant voice, "Did you know I got three bops today?" She then went on to list the bops she got. My favorite was the bop she got "right here on my pocket"--or in other words, on her bum. 

We were at a stake musical Christmas fireside. The last song was the Hallelujah chorus. Lila was more than a little wiggly by then, and started singing right along with the choir. The hallelujah chorus has quite a few pauses where no one is singing and no instruments are playing--but Lila went right on singing "Ha-le-lou-wah! Ha-le-lou-wah!" When she tired of hallelujahs after five minutes or so, she started saying, "Pump the jam!"

Lila and Ryan were going on a date one day. She asked him if they could "go to two stores and get foot jammies for mommy and cereal." So they did! We love our matching jams.

Lila really loves the little school that we do together. Any time I tell her it's time for school she says, "Time for Lila school! Woohoo! Woohoo!" and runs to our school spot. She mostly likes the songs and stories, but I've been introducing a few letters and working on counting, too. She doesn't really care about the letters and numbers as much, but will still do the activities I have for her to go along with them. Much to my surprise, she has started pointing out the letter "A"! And she's been right every time she's told me she sees an "a". Happy day!  

Lila loves her baby dolls lately. We feed them, change them, brush their hair, and just glory in having babies. She is very sweet with her babies and very loving in her care for them. They are by far her favorite toy currently.

We decided to have the boys start taking their scriptures to church, so of course Lila needed to, as well. She helped me choose fabric and made her own little bag. She's been telling me all week, "I need my Book of Mormon!" then running off to grab it and "reading." She took her scriptures to church today and was very, very happy to have them there.

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