Monday, January 4, 2016


I uploaded a ton of pictures onto ze blog before we went to California for Christmas, thinking I'd have plenty of time to bust out a blog post or two while we were gone.

I was wrong.

My pictures sat here, uploaded and alone for two whole weeks. I'm finally revisiting them today. With the new year has come yet another promise to myself to keep this blog updated. A vow to write more often has come with every blog post for the past six months or so, so we will have to see how long that vow lasts.

On to the topic at hand: Thanksgiving. My parents and sisters were traveling to my sister Lynnie's house in Colorado for Thanksgiving this year. We ruled Colorado out pretty quickly, mainly because it's a lot of driving for the short little trip we'd be able to take. Also, snow. And driving. Not good. We were going to California for a long trip at Christmas, so instead of going there for Thanksgiving, too, we decided to stay right at home! We stayed at home last year, too, and it was glorious. This year, we'd be staying at home, but minus the company of anyone else--last year my mom, dad, and Mandi came to our house for Thanksgiving. This year it would just be us!

We had a very leisurely Thanksgiving. We made a ham (I don't like turkey), stuffing, applesauce, orange rolls, and would have made sweet potato souffle but forgot to ever start the potatoes! Oops. Ryan and Asher had a pie-making date and were responsible for crafting a delicious pumpkin pie and a truly fantastic apple pie. Reed, Lila, and I played upstairs while Asher and Ryan baked so they could fully enjoy their date. Asher loves helping in the kitchen, so cooking together was an ideal date for him.

Before we ate our meal, we spent some time making mini-parachutes out of plastic tablecloths. We made one for each kid, then set the project aside while we ate. After feasting, we went straight to the park to test our creations. The park was SUPER cold that day, so we were all quite bundled. I couldn't manage to get warm, but I think the kids were okay because no one complained--and they would have had they been miserable! The parachutes ended up being super cool. We tried various locations for dropping and throwing them and had a really good time. Our fun came to a halt after one of the sky balls attached to the parachutes burst, spilling rice everywhere and another parachute got caught in a tree. We had enjoyed our parachutes for quite a while, though, and had plenty of supplies at to make more, so we weren't too upset. With no more parachutes to play with and the sky growing darker and the air colder, we decided to go home and enjoy our pie. Ryan and Asher's pies were perfect. We had a fun day!

The day after Thanksgiving, we went out for a bit of Black Friday shopping--but waited until 9ish, so the stores were empty. We bought 22 movies. I'm not exaggerating. We also bought a new griddle because after serving us faithfully for almost 10 years, our old griddle is barley limping along. And I thought we bought a new printer online, but got an email from Kohl's two days later that said my order had been cancelled because they didn't have enough stock to fill it. Grrrrrr. After our shopping, we went to Star Nursery to pick out a tree! We got a lovely tree and spent the rest of the day decorating the tree, putting up lights, and decorating the house. The kids have mini-trees in their rooms and they decorated their trees all by themselves. They decorated the majority of our tree, too, and did a great job. After the tree was all decorated, Asher was trying to plug in the tree lights and accidentally knocked the tree over! He was really upset, but minus a few ornament casualties the tree was just fine. We were all excited about our outdoor lights because when our neighbor Joan moved this summer, she gave us all her outdoor Christmas decorations! Among the decorations were a big light-up snowman and a cute light-up train. The kids were beyond excited to have something extra special outside.

On Saturday, we spent the day at Mt. Charleston then at Floyd Lamb, but thankfully I've already posted about that... 

My rolls turned out SUPER even in size.

Lila got to put the star on this year, which pleased her immensely.

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