Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Monthly Asher: 62

He made a super big sam and wanted to show it off to me.


Asher has whole-heartedly embraced the dark side of the force. His love of the dark side started with an affinity for Darth Vader and has progressed to a love for every dark side character. He LOVES being dark side and thinks it's hilarious that he likes the bad guys. I think sometimes he even exaggerated about things so he can be even more dark side than he already is. When we saw Star Wars, he was totally cheering for Kylo Ren. And after the movie, he said his favorite part was when Kylo Ren killed Han Solo! Then, we were talking about our ideas of what might happen in the next movie, Asher said he thought Luke was going to turn to the dark side and kill Rey. He's awesome.

One day Asher and I were listening to Christmas music while we did M + A time. One song said, "it's the best time of the year for the family." Asher said, "Well it's not the best time of the year for people on the naughty list!" We were both cracking up. Then, when I tried to take a picture of him--because as we all know, I needed a photo to post with his funny joke on instagram--he started shaking his head around on purpose so I couldn't get a clear shot! I was sneaky and caught the one (above) of him cracking up, super pleased with how hilarious he finds himself. 

Asher is still loving the Magic Treehouse books, he's now read books 1-10! The most recent book he read, Ghost Town at Sundown, he finished completely by himself in just two days. We gave him and Reed books 9-12 for Christmas and he is soon going to be through all of those. Every time he reads by himself, he comes to me giggling, super pumped to tell me how much he's read and what's happening in his story so far. I love it! Reading these books has increased his reading fluency hugely. When we first started reading them together, he needed help with quite a few words. I was worried the books were a little too hard for him, but he really, really wanted to read them so we kept going. When he was reading book 9, we read quite a bit together, trading off reading pages aloud and I was so impressed by his fluency! He hardly needed help at all. 

Asher had his new primary teacher for the first time today. Last week he got a freebie because his teacher was out of town and Ryan was his sub. Every transition to a new teacher so far has been rough, and they haven't seemed to get easier with time. This time, though, I took more effort in preparing him for who his teacher was. Thankfully, he'd met her before--she lives at Spring Mountain Ranch and when we went out there with our ward she caught a crawdad for all the kids to touch. I kept reminding him about how nice she was and wasn't that crawdad cool? and I knew she was such a fun teacher, etc. And today he did not cry at all and didn't even hesitate to go to class. Yay! 

Asher calls this the "exploding straws cup." If you're just a little thirsty, you drink through one straw. If you're super thirsty, you drink through all seven. 

Ryan and I thought it would be good for the boys to start bringing scriptures to church. Now that they can both read, they might legitimately use them. This week, Asher and I worked on making his very own scripture bag to hold his Book of Mormon. He picked out a fabric he liked and helped me with all the sewing. He spent the week super interested in his scriptures, finding the Pearl of Great Price and Book of Mormon, and letting us borrow his scriptures for our family scripture study. Today he was so proud to take his scriptures to church and spent the first 20 minutes of sacrament meeting quietly flipping through the pages, finding title pages, and just being super cute.

One day he was wearing his Darth Vader costume when it was time to pick Reed up. I didn't make him change ;)

Part of the deal I made with Asher when we started to do homeschool preschool this year was that he had to listen to me like he would a teacher--he couldn't get out of doing a worksheet by being grumpy about it, because that's not what would happen at school. And, for the most part, he has been a great student. If he ever is being grumpy, I remind him that we decided to do school at home and he needs to still work hard at learning, and he immediately gets on task! We are studying planets right now. Each day we've been using a different art technique to make a planet. He loves his projects and hangs them immediately in the "art gallery" to show Ryan and Reed when we get home. One thing I love is that if I show him a cool video or we make a neat craft or do something extra fun, he wants to show Bub when he gets home from school. We'll watch the video again or let Bub make the craft or whatever it is. He doesn't want Reed to miss out, which is super sweet. 

 Sliding down the fire pole is Asher' favorite thing to do when we pick Reed up from school.

Asher had never made it to the top of this climbing wall. Each time we were at the park, he'd get a bit higher, then freeze and cry if we tried to coax him to climb higher. Last time we went to the park, he started calling to me and I went over to see him at the very top! He overcame his fear and climbed the wall several more times while we were there.

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