Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Monthly Reed: 85

 One day, we were at the park playing and decided to go on a walk. We came upon a series of big rocks. Reed got us involved in a game in which we were each the captain of our own rock and were flying on missions to other planets! He has such a great imagination.

Reed is doing so well in school! I got to go to his parent-teacher conference this month and kind of loved hearing his teacher talk about how awesome he is. His teacher is going to start giving him some extra reasearch projects to work on with one other child in the class so when he has extra time after his worksheets (which apparently he finishes pretty quickly) he can have something more challenging to do! One thing that I really liked hearing is that after he's finished with his worksheets, his teacher lets him help other kids who might be struggling. She said that he is always happy to help and is a good leader in class. He's kind to others and the other kids want to be like him! I love that he is setting a good example for the kids around him.

Reed had so much fun while we were in California. He was constantly playing with his cousins and the only times I saw him were when I went to find him to join in! One of the gifts he got for Christmas was the game Clue. The game was an instant hit and we have played many rounds already. The cousins all loved the game, too--even the older cousins--and I think Reed liked having a game that was so popular to play!

Reed is very creative. One of his goals for the new year is to write a novel! I'm excited to work on it with him and can't wait to see what he has in mind. He wants to be an author when he grows up, so this could be the first novel of many.

Reed has grown into quite the hiker. While we were in California, we went o na hike that ended up being quite a bit more than we'd bargained for. Reed didn't complain at all and kept pace with all the bigger cousins. He hasn't complained about being tired or worn out on any of the past few hikes we've gone on. He's getting so strong!

Ryan and I decided it would be good for the boys to start taking scriptures to church. Reed's class actually uses their scriptures and we thought he'd like having a set to follow along with. We took scriptures to church today, and the boys spent the first part of sacrament meeting looking through their books. After the sacrament, I showed Reed that the sacramental prayers are in the Book of Mormon, which he loved seeing. I showed him how to mark a verse, which he thought was really cool.

He jumped too high :)

Another Book of Mormon story: Ryan gave a talk today in sacrament meeting. He referenced Mosiah 2:17 in his talk. A minute later, I noticed Reed had opened to Mosiah and was marking the correct verse! He told me he heard Daddy say "Mosiah" and knew that was in the Book of Mormon so decided to find it! He also helped Asher find the scripture, which I thought was really sweet.

And yet another Book of Mormon story: Reed asked me if I'd ever noticed how short the book of 4th Nephi was. I told him I had, then showed him Words of Mormon. He was impressed by the mere 1.75 pages, and showed Ryan as soon as he got home from work. He has also loved flipping through the book and finding all the pictures that are spread throughout.

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