Friday, February 12, 2016

Best Frenemies

Asher and Lila are an interesting duo. On the one hand, they're BFFs--always wanting to play together, having adventures while Reed is gone. If Reed is not home, Asher is more than willing to play dollies, dress up, or Minnie Mouse. (If Reed is home, Asher isn't willing to play these games, because Reed doesn't want to play them/thinks he's too cool and Asher follows suit.) Asher gets stuff for Lila that she can't reach. He cuddles with her before her nap. They are just so. Dang. CUTE.

On the other hand, they drive each other absolutely crazy. Neither is willing to give in during a fight. When they are on opposite sides of a battle, a lot of screaming is involved. Shoving and hitting occasionally (cough *often* cough) make their way in to the "play." It's ugly.

I usually avoid taking pictures of their insanity times, mainly because I'm trying to pull them apart/hugging someone who is sobbing/explaining why it's not a good idea to actually chop someone with a toy sword. But I do have plenty of pictures of them being cute, so let's enjoy those--and you'll just have to trust me on the fighting thing:

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