Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Forubss Color Run 2016

Last year, Reed's class was on track break during the color run. They were still invited to participate, but Reed decided he didn't want to since he wasn't sure who else from his class would be there. He still wanted to watch, so we all went and cheered the other kids on. Honestly, we got a little hot and a little bored.

This year, he wasn't on track break and was super excited about the color run. The color run is my favorite fundraiser because we aren't trying to sell any kind of product--we're just trying to get donations for the school! The prizes are simpler, too--at each different prize level, the kids get to reach in a bag and randomly draw a plastic dinosaur water squirter. At the first donation level, they get a lanyard to hang their dinos on.  At some levels, they are also entered into a drawing. Reed was SUPER pumped about the dinos. He was able to raise $90 for his school! To be more accurate, I should say that he raised $85, then we realized that he'd earn another dinosaur if he raised $5 more--so I contributed another $4 and he kicked in an extra $1. He ended up earning 4 dinos and a ticket to enter into the Krazy Kart drawing. He didn't win the cart, but he did win the Orange Theory Fitness Gift Pack! We just found out about the gift pack today and I actually have no idea what it is because we haven't picked it up yet--but Reed is sure excited to have won something! 

The dinosaurs themselves are actually pretty cute. Reed was really hoping for the soccer dino or the ninja dino. He ended up with two hippies, a ninja, and a mohawk dino. When Reed came home with his second hippie dino, Ryan suggested that Reed ask someone if they wanted to trade. (What?!) I was really surprised the next day when he actually asked someone to trade and came away with the gamer dino! Reed wore his dinos on his lanyard almost every day to school leading up to the color run. (Also, side note: Reed just read this and asked, "Hippie dino????" They call the hippie the "peace dino")

And then the color run was upon us! We'd gotten a white shirt from the store and wrote "Forbuss Color Run 2016" on it, hoping Reed would get nice and colorful and that we'd be able to save at least a bit of the color. Asher, Lila, and I got to the school just in time to see Reed's school parade across the playground with their team sign. They'd named their team, "Go Team!" which was pretty awesome. Then we got to watch Reed run, walk, and have color thrown at him. The color run team gave all the kids dope sunglasses to protect their eyes, but it was still kind of funny to watch the kids go through the color section--some pulled some interesting faces! Reed did get very colorful, indeed--but when he walked through the air blowers designed to blow off the extra dust before he went to class, allllllll the color went away. Bummer summer. 

Other dino anecdotes: 
+ Reed's first dino was the hippie dino. He tried to keep the fact that the dinos were water squirters to himself, but ended up telling everyone but Lila (ha). He asked me if he could surprise her and squirt her, and I said that would be fine. What I didn't know was that he was going to squirt her IN THE FACE. She wasn't too happy about that!
+ The kids have loved showers lately, but were dying to take a bath with all of Reed's new water squirters. A few days we just didn't have time for a bath because showers are so much quicker. Then finally, yesterday we made time for as long a bath as they wanted. All three kids piled in the tub! They don't fit in quite as well as they used to :) They had a lot of fun playing with the squirters.

Look closely and you'll find Reed in all the pictures below (minus the pictures of Ash and Lila :) 

(Apparently I took the picture from the wrong side the first time :)

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