Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lila's Big Girl Room

I posted pictures of Lila's room a long time ago--back in the days when she was still in a crib. (Side note: when I tell her that she used to sleep in a crib, she is incredulous and I don't think she believes me even a little bit.) Her room has changed quite a bit since that first post, so I decided it was time to document Lila's big girl room.

I pulled apart another wreath that was cracking and the wreath form I found to be perfectly acceptable as it was. The heart wreath hung on Lila's shelf (where I did not want it) for around six months until I finally decided where to put it and hung the one nail the wreath required. The heart wreath welcomes you to the room. With love.

I finally made a valance for the window, which I think adds a nice pop. And the room no longer has to house a big bed and a crib--just a big bed! Lila sleeps like a queen.

The flowers and lantern on the dresser are from Kayla's wedding, which is kind of fun. The dresser itself, along with the nightstand and the headboard were Ryan's grandma's and grandpa's, which is special, too!

I wanted a print or picture of the temple in Lila's room and was so happy to find this one from henrylayne on etsy. It's so adorable! I didn't picture this here, but from Lila's bed you can see her temple print, a picture of Jesus in her room, and a picture of the temple hanging in the hall. She loves to point out the two temples and Jesus. Ryan and I picked up the ocean print on the wall when we were in Portland last year.

Lil has accrued many dress ups since Ryan built her dress up station last year, and she frequently goes up to her room to make a quick wardrobe change. The other day she was a princess with a Chewbacca mask and fairy wings! She made the butterfly picture and wooden paintings on top of her dress-up station. We keep her jewelry in her Minnie jewelry box on top of the dress-up station and she loves looking through and picking out something to wear.

We still rock every night and I still love our rocking chair! The mirrors above we found at a thrift shop. They sat on the ground behind the door for many months until, like the wreath, I finally made a decision on where to hang them!

I'm in love with her quilt.

This area is a little messy, but Lila loves to be read to at bed time and this is our station. We read books, then she hops off my lap, turns off the light, and turns on her sound and light machine on her nightstand for us to listen to while we rock.

Her closet is a disaster, but I like that it can house and hide toys!

The second half of her closet doubles as baby beds.

And finally, I know I explained these items in my last Lila's Room post, but I'm just going to go ahead and explain them again! The bear was handmade for me by my Grandma Steel the year before she died. The bear is so special to me because it reminds me of her! I got the white statue when I earned my Young Woman Recognition, and I just think it's pretty. The chalkboard occasionally reads "You are three" because the boys think that is hilarious. My mom sewed the "Lila" sign, and the shelf itself was a hand-me-down from Ryan's parents that we sanded and painted. I love these little sentimental touches in the room. I know I'm not a decorator, and this room is far from perfect or pinterest-worthy, but the little emotional-connection items are what I love!


Claudia/Rob said...

Aww! I love her room! You did a great job! :)

Nicolas said...

I love her room! I especially love her artwork and that you've included your Ande Bear! The temple picture is beautiful too, and I of course am in love with her bedspread and valence.