Friday, February 5, 2016

The Monthly Asher: 63

Asher accidentally dropped a game down the stairs. I was downstairs and heard the crash, followed by, "Well that was a surprise!"

The boys were playing when I heard Reed yell, "Everyone run! Every man for himself!" Asher responded, "My tank can get then all!!

We get together with  my friend Krista regularly. Her daughter Ashlin (above) loves Asher. One day Ashlin told Krista she wanted to call her "boyfriend"--Asher! They called and Ashlin giggled while cute Ashie tried to talk to her. It was awesome.

Reed learned about an app called "Chatter kid" at school. The boys needed headshots to play the game, and I found this winner they took on my phone.

Asher and Lila spend a lot of time together. Asher and Lila do not always get along the best. They are generally either being ridiculously cute together or screaming/crying at each other. There is no in-between. They can't seem to leave each other alone, either, so this craziness happens pretty much all day long! Asher is generally very considerate of his sister, though, and goes out of his way to help her when she needs something.

Speaking of being helpful, Asher is SUPER helpful! He is almost always the first one to volunteer when we ask for a helper--and he usually volunteers before he even knows the task! He is enthusiastic about helping, even when we just need someone to run upstairs and grab something. We set a family goal to start putting our shoes away consistently. If someone found an adult's shoes out, that adult had to pay the finder/putter awayer $1. If someone found a kid's shoes out (minus Lila's shoes), that kid had to pay the finder/putter awayer $0.25. Asher found and put away the most shoes by far. I like to think this is because he's already so used to helping out it was natural for him to "help someone out" by putting away their shoes.

We went to Zion with my family and, in an effort to use our pass and not have to pay an extra fee for an extra car, all piled into our Tahoe right outside the entrance gate. Asher may or may not have been sitting on the floor. Only for a few minutes, I promise.

One day, Asher and I were making a batch of "healthy cookies." The dough was super thick and kind of hard to scoop. Asher was the scooper and was laughing so hard over how thick the dough was that he literally almost fell off the stool a few times!

Another thought on being thoughtful. Asher often builds legos or k'nex during his quiet time. If he makes something particularly cool, he almost always builds a copy of it for Reed and sometimes makes a copy for Lila, too! I think this is so sweet.

Asher is a reading machine. We've been reading scriptures as a family and every night, he grabs his Book of Mormon and bookmark and follows along. Lately, we've had him and Reed each read a few verses of our chapter. Asher started with just reading one verse, but now--just a week later--he's reading multiple verses in a row! And he's also started asking to read another chunk a few verses after he's finished. Some of the words are tricky for him but overall he is doing so great! He is also still cruising right along with the Magic Treehouse Series. He's just about finished with book 12!

Asher has done really, really well with the transition to a new primary class. I'm so proud of him! Being in a new situation and having a new teacher has historically been tough for him. He doesn't feel comfortable with people he doesn't know well and gets nervous going to a new class. He really doesn't like being in unfamiliar surroundings. This year, I did my best to prep him--and thankfully he'd met his teacher once before, and when he did meet her she had caught a crawdad that she let him check out--and he went to his class with no tears and no requests to stay with me. Way to go, Ashie B!

Asher really loves to help with anything involving the mixer or blender. If I pull out either of those items, he is sure to be alongside me, helping out! And if I make something without him--which actually happened accidentally this week--he is super bummed.

Asher and Reed have started sleeping together every night again, which I think is about the cutest thing ever. At night, I cuddle with the two of them at bedtime and we play 20 questions or make up a "group story." Lately, they've been all about the group stories. And every group story has involved toots in one way or another. We're currently telling the tooting adventures of Isaiah and Jacob, which are as awesome as they sound.

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