Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Monthly Lila: 36 (3 YEARS!)

One of her New Year goals is to learn to write her name! I think when we were setting goals she was actually asking me to write her name on her paper, but we went with it anyway. Here is her first attempt (she's tracing lines here).

Height: 36 in.
Weight: 32 lbs.
I'm not even going to try to pretend that I remember the percentiles she's in. The doctor did say that she's in the overweight category by numbers, but looking at her he thinks she truly is "big boned." I thought that was a made up thing!
Watching her run kills me.

Speaking of the doctor...we went to Lila's well child this month and saw a different doctor than usual. I was okay with our other doctor, but then we met another doctor in the office and we LOVED him, so we've been going to him since. Anyway, when I told him about her allergy stuff, he prescribed an epipen and decided to do allergy testing. The results were surprising, to say the least! The allergies are measured on a scale of 0-6, with 0 being not allergic and 6 being the most allergic. She was a 3 on peanuts, which was not surprising. What was surprising was that she was also a 3 on dogs and cow's milk! She was a 2 on soy and wheat, too. I'm pretty sure there were a few others that I'm not remembering. The 3 on dogs is making more sense after a trip to St. George for her birthday, when she had a rash all over one night that I was worried was hives but that we thought could also be eczema. My mom has a dog that Lila has historically been scared of. This trip, she wasn't as scared and pet and loved on the dog a lot more. I think the rash was hives! The foods really surprised me, though. The doctor told me that since she hasn't yet had a reaction to any of these other foods, to keep eating them for now. He referred us to an allergist and we will see from there 

Lila's new doll Olivia! (Or Leeb-uh, as Lila pronounces it) 

One day Reed asked, "Is it one o' clock?" I told him it was, in fact, 1:00. Lila responded, "One o clock? Nice." Like it was the greatest news she'd heard all day.
Lately, Lila's been saying, "Wait, I changed my mind about ________." She's constantly changing her mind, especially if she's made a decision to do something or eat something and hears someone else decide to do something different and more appealing!
Lila is devloping a sense of humor. She'll say something silly, then tell me, "I just joking about that." or "I just pretending." It's really, really cute.
Lila and I rock-a-bye at her nap and bed time. She likes for me to sing to her and I used to just pick primary songs I knew and sing those. Lately, though, she makes up songs for me to sing. She'll say, "Mommy, you know that song that goes...." then she'll say a series of words in a sing-song voice. It's my job to make up a song based on her song. At the end, she says, "Yeah! That's how that song goes!"
My grandpa passed away this month and I briefly talked to the kids about how when we die, we get to be with Jesus again. A week or two later, out of the blue, Lila came up to me and said, "When people die them go with Jesus!" in a tone suggesting she'd just had an epiphany. 

Lila did a puzzle with me, then just had to show Olivia.

Olivia tucked in on the couch.

For her birthday, Grandma and Grandpa Hambly gave Lila a gift card so she could go on a little shopping trip. She went to Target with Ryan and immediately chose a Minnie cash register she's been eyeing for ages. He suggested they keep looking around--she had more money than that to spend--and she was so confused because she'd already found what she wanted! They ended up putting a few more things in the cart--a dolly umbrella stroller and a my generation doll--and she was still so confused. Ryan tried to explain to her again and she said, "Ohhhhhhh. We get all them, Daddy?!" She was so excited that even though she was a little over budget he let her get all three. The doll's name is Olivia and Lila chose Olivia based on her purple dress. Apparently, when she saw Olivia, she said, "Daddy, look at her DRESS!" The next day, Lila took Olivia everywhere with her. She read Olivia a book, showed Olivia the puzzle we put together, and tucked her in to bed several times. She also renamed Olivia "Lila," but by the end of the day decided to stick with "Olivia." At one point, I told Lila I was going to check on the healthy cookies in the oven and she said, "Come on Lila [Olivia} let's go check!"  She grabbed her new dolly in her stroller and ran in to the kitchen to help out. She's such a cute little momma.

One time I mentioned that Swiss cheese is the kind of cheese mice like. Now Lila calls Swiss cheese "mousey cheese" and is OBSESSED with it. One day she wanted mousey cheese with lunch, but we were all out. She started full-out sobbing! So I told her cheddar cheese is the cheese cats like. Crisis averted. Cat cheese is not as beloved as mousey cheese, but will do in a pinch.

One of the cutest things Lila says is, "You slay day!" (you saved the day.) We all get congratulated for slaying the day at least once a week.

Whenever I tuck her in she says, "Cover me Mama!" She likes to have lots of stuff to cuddle with. When I check on her later, though, she's almost always rolled to the other side of the bed with just a blanket :)

One day Reed was being kind of grumpy and Lila told him, "Be happy Reed. Choose the right!"

Mommy! Look at my cool trick!

Lila finally learned to jump! She was not interested at all in jumping for the longest time, then would just run in place, then moved on to a gallop, and now she can jump and get both feet off the ground. Woot.

For part of FHE one night, Lila led us in a series of exercises she made up on the spot. Her exercise routine was hilarious (like the pictures above and below) and we were all cracking up!

We've been working on learning shapes and Lila now usually recognizes circles, triangles, squares, and (sometimes) rectangles. She recognizes a few letters, but is only just now starting to express interest in letters so we really hadn't worked on letters much. She likes coloring and writing and has pretty good pen control. 

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