Friday, February 5, 2016

The Monthly Reed: 86

Lately, Reed has been talking in this funny voice when he's trying to be funny or silly. It's kind of hard to explain but it's an affected voice, definitely not his regular voice! Reed's funny voice reminds me of the "space dad" from MegaMind...'s a little different from space dad, but it's more high pitched and kind of breathier than his normal voice. I will have to try to catch it on video some time because I am obviously not doing a great job of describing the voice! Today, I asked him about his funny voice. He got a little embarrassed and said something like, "It's just like, you know, funny."

We got a calendar in the mail and the picture for January was a snowy scene. Reed asked, "Why is snow on the January calendar?!" We're from Vegas.

Reed loves this vest.

I honestly don't remember the context exactly, but one time after hanging up a brief phone call I must have told the boys the length of the call. Reed said, "That only took 16 seconds?! World breaking call!!!"

The boys were playing when I heard Reed yell, "Everyone run! Every man for himself!" 

One of our favorite things this month was the Color Run! Reed raised $90 for his school, earned 4 water squirting dinos, and had a great time having color thrown at him.

One day Lila talked Reed into hopping onto the back of her bike (he's a good sport).

Reed has really become a great little bike rider. I love to watch him stand up and pedal and to make up and try out new tricks. He can easily keep up with Ryan or I and often goes ahead with one of us, then loops back to meet up with the littler kids. He loves going off-roading in the desert (Asher does not) and he is very adventurous on his bike. I recently realized that I didn't love how our afternoons were going--we'd pick Reed up, come home and do homework, then they'd watch a show while I made dinner. After that, we'd eat, clean up, get ready for bed, and go into our bedtime routine. After homework or dinner prep, we'd sometimes have extra time, but it was too dark to play outside. So we've started playing outside as soon as we get home from picking Reed up. The change has been fantastic! I love that we get some outside time to get some energy out and Reed (and Ash and Lila) have loved getting daily bike time. Dinner is a little later, but that hasn't proven to be an issue.

We've recently started having the boys each read a few verses of scripture as part of our family scripture study. I've been really impressed by how well Reed is reading! The scriptures have a lot of tricky words and he gets a lot of those tricky words right. His comprehension while we read to him has also impressed me. I love that he's getting familiar with the language of the scriptures.

...then she talked him into giving her a ride, too!

Reed recently told me that has the most Accelerated Reader points in his class. I'm not sure how he knows that, but he's pretty proud of himself! This month, the school had their bi-annual AR shop. The kids get to "spend" the Accelerated Reader points they've earned on small prizes. In the last few weeks leading up to the shop, Reed read extra books, trying to earn as many points as possible. He ended up with around 23 points and came home with a handful of treasures! He just informed me that he had 23 points before winter break, which were what he could use in the store. Now he has over 30.

Grandma gave Reed this funny Obi Wan Pen-obi (haha, I'm funny). 

In PE at school this month, Reed learned to play Chinese Jump Rope, then subsequently learned several variations of Chinese Jump Rope. What he didn't know--and what I honestly didn't remember at the time--is that I LOVED Chinese Jump Rope as a child and played Chinese Jump Rope during most recesses! We bought our own Chinese Jump Rope and Reed has had a fun time teaching us all he knows.

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