Thursday, March 31, 2016


When Easter is in March, I feel like it is just so early and kind of sneaks up on us! And, because I am not able to shop unaccompanied by children ever during tax season, I have to be prepared. This year I was prepared...ish. (Ryan, who had to go buy plastic eggs during a quick break from work on Saturday, may beg to differ.) Anyway...

Saturday morning we got to go to two of Reed's buddies baptisms. We've loved going to his friends' baptisms this year and each baptism only makes us more excited for his! After the baptism, we headed straight for Town Square for an easter egg hunt, with plans to meet Kayla and Ben there. We got to Town Square, took one look at the GIGANTIC line to REGISTER for the hunt, and the kids literally said, "I don't think this is really worth it." Well said, children. I completely agreed. So we went to meet Kay and Ben and enjoyed lunch together. Then, we walked through the booths set up at Town Square, which were not really that great, and convinced the kids that a different park would be WAY better than the insane Town Square park with their Easter hunt crowd. 

We played at the park and had a dandy time until the kids were not worn out at all but the adults were ready to sit down! I gave Ben a few instructions, then Kay and I headed to the General Women's Session of Conference. Conference was amazing, as usual, and I was grateful Kay and Ben were there so I could go--Ryan was STILL at work.

After the conference, we drove home to find that Ryan had arrived! Hooray! We got right to business: egg dyeing. Egg dyeing just grows more delightful as my children grow older, less prone to throw eggs (balls?) across the room, and less prone to knock over entire bowls of egg dye. This year was so, so good. We all had fun and the boys even talked me into leaving two eggs in bowls of dye (inside the fridge) over night. Those eggs turned out quite vibrant. Reed and Asher also each made eggs with warnings written on them--Asher's egg had a crab drawn that would pinch you if you picked up his egg!

We put the kids to bed, then enjoyed several rounds of Catch Phrase! with Kayla and Ben. Then, while we slept, the Easter Bunny came to town! 

In the morning, the kids were super pumped to hunt for eggs. And the Easter bunny had hidden eggs everywhere, inside and out. The boys' favorite egg was the one taped to the ceiling fan. Lila's favorite egg was any egg that was pink or purple. If she found blue eggs, she'd give them to Asher. If she found green eggs, she'd give them to Reed. Silly girl. Asher found a golden egg with $3 (!!!) inside, which was also quite exciting.

Before long, all the baskets and eggs were located and the kids were digging through to see what they'd gotten. Then we hustled through breakfast and out the door in time for 8:30 church! That Sunday was fast Sunday, so we got to hear various ward members' testimonies, which all focused on the Savior. When we got home, we continued the theme by doing our "resurrection eggs" while we ate lunch. Each egg contained an object that represented a part of the story of Christ's crucifixion and resurrection. The kids even mostly paid attention.

After lunch, Reed did a few magic tricks, then we spent time enjoying each others' company until dinner, which was super tasty if I do say so myself. All too soon it was time for Kayla, Ben, and Grandpa--who'd arrived only that afternoon--to head home.

Happy Easter!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Reed had a birthday party to attend. The party was at the park, and I figured that the little guys and I could play on the park while Reed was at his party. We'd also sold a toy to someone online and they could meet at the park during that time frame to pick up the toy, so that would work out to our advantage, too. The plan seemed perfect. And the first 45 minutes were. We'd brought our bikes, so they got to ride. We ran into one of my favorite friends, so I got to chat with her for a little while as the kids played. The purchaser of our toy showed up right on time, so we got that taken care of (and the kids were $20 richer). 

Then they turned on me. THEY WERE BORED OF THE PARK. Seriously. Also, Asher was kind of upset that he didn't get to stay for the party. They were also probably kind of hungry, which I take full responsibility for. Turns out that 2 hours at the park was about 1 hour too much to ask that night. (Though sometimes I have to drag them away from the park after 2.5 hours. Kids.)

We walked over to the party group a bit early, and Asher and Lila's (im)patience was rewarded with pizza (they had a ton leftover), cake, and a party favor--a giant tube of bubbles. Reed had a great time at the party, and Asher and Lila were finally (sort of) appeased. And I was only too happy to pack everyone into the car and head for home!

A few days later, while Reed was at school, we decided to give the bubbles a go. They were so much fun! Asher liked spinning in circles to create huge bubbles. Lila tried with all her might to blow bubbles, but only blew spit until I gave her a few lessons. I enjoyed being outside in the gorgeous weather, watching my babies have fun. Ashie wanted me to take pictures, and I actually got a few winners! After our mini photo shoot, we decided to try slow-mo videos, which were SUPER COOL.

And yes, you did just read four paragraphs just to look at a handful of pictures. I'm growing more long-winded in my old age.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Nevada Reading Week

Reed loves dress up days at school and I love that he loves dress up days at school--so you can be sure that we were ALL IN for Nevada Reading Week. Reed dressed up every day and we completed a large portion of the fun reading activities sent home for NRW. Ashie and Lila are just as heavily involved in dress up days as Reed is. They love to dress up for every spirit day and of course need to be pictured, too.

Monday was "hop, skip, and, and LEAP into reading" and we were directed to wear sweats and a shirt with words. This day seemed a little bit arbitrary but Reed was a huge fan of wearing chillers to school. He came downstairs and proudly pointed out his shirt, too, which is one of my absolute favorites.

Tuesday was dark vs. light--wear black and/or white. The dark vs. light alluded to Star Wars, so Reed was extra pumped that not only could he wear chillers again (he doesn't own any regular black shorts), he could also wear a black Star Wars shirt. I mean, talk about nailing the theme, right? Reed is generally a light side fan, but went to the dark side for the day in order to dress theme-appropriate.

Lila opted for the pink side.

 Wednesday was Dr. Seuss' birthday--so we could wear red and white from head to toe! Reed looked very Seussian, I thought. He came home wearing a paper cat in the hat hat and with whiskers glued to a popsicle stick, which only made him more awesome. Lila again missed the memo and, when she saw the boys putting on Ryan's socks, was certain that we were going for crazy sock day. So she opted for blue clothes and Mountain Dew socks. Of course.

Wednesday night was Bingo and book fair night, which we were all over. The kids were super pumped and had a fantastic time. Asher got a bingo early on, which was great for morale. I got a bingo a while later, and I let Reed claim the prize. At this point, both boys had book prizes and Lila did not. I'd put dinner in the oven with a delay start set, and knew we needed to by home by 6:30. Our final round came--and we literally got one number away from a bingo on three different boards. Alas, someone else had the audacity to get a bingo. And we had to go. When Lila realized that we were leaving, she immediately burst into tears because, "SHE DIDN'T CALL A NUMBER THREEEEEEEE!" Lila didn't actually need a number three, but since she is three she kind of thought that was her number. She proceeded to cry most of the way home, saying, "I wanted to winnnnnnnnnnn!" The boys were so sweet, offering to share books, but she would not be consoled. Over a week later, one of use mentioned bingo night and she started crying all over again! Silly goose.

Thursday was mustache day! Mrs. Lytle, the librarian and perhaps our favorite person at Forbuss, had given us tattoo mustaches for free because she's awesome like that. We were running crazy late Thursday morning, so I didn't get a picture of Reed in his mustache. I did forget to make him a lunch before we left home, and we got to school after the bell ring which totally stresses Reed out and which has only ever happened once before, so he went in to school crying because he didn't believe me when I told him I could make a lunch, bring the lunch to school, and the office would deliver it to him. (I did and they did. So there, Reed.) I actually felt really bad--I don't like when he starts the school day upset. I put a special note in his lunch with a penny taped to it to hopefully make up for the crazy morning! And after school, when I asked him if he was okay that morning or if he was upset going in to class he acted like he'd never been upset at all! This boy.

And Friday was Star Wars day! Lila still doesn't have a Star Wars shirt, so she borrowed one of Reed's. It went all the way down to her knees, but she was dressed like the boys and that was all she cared about! I forgot to take a picture until the end of the day, so poor Lila didn't make it in. You can kind of see her shirt in the second picture, though.

I honestly don't remember which day this was, but one day we read in the tub (for a reading week activity). We giggled ourselves silly and it was great.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Random Picture Time

I've been working on putting together our 2014 blog book and keep thinking, "I was SO good at recording! What has happened to me?!" As my kids get older, I'm less busy in some ways and more busy in others. Blogging is one thing that I'm trying really hard to work back into my routine. I want to blog the little everyday stuff, not just the big occasions. I've been playing catch up with those little occasions a bit, which has renewed my love for blogging. And now that I'm kind of "caught up," I find myself with a (small) slew of pictures that don't fit in to another post or don't really deserve a post of their own but obviously must be immortalized. So here we go.

At some point, Lila decided that she absolutely needed slippers. ABSOLUTELY. Then, of course, Asher got slippers for Christmas and Reed bought himself slippers with some of his birthday money. Add that to the fact that I have slippers that I wear quite a lot and Lila's desire for slippers skyrocketed. I had my eye out for a deal on slippers and was happily surprised when we were at Children's Place and I found a smokin' deal on the cutest slippers I'd ever seen:

Reed is required to read 15 minutes a day for school. I'm a big fan of this requirement. He likes to read in the morning, before school. Asher usually joins in. Sometimes Lila even joins and I about die from the cuteness. This day I decided to take a picture. Reed was obviously a fan.

Also, we'd reorganized this spot so our Christmas tree could have a home. After Christmas, we didn't put the bookshelf that was once here back--instead we moved our tiny chair here and keep a basket of our library books next door. This has been one of my favorite things we've ever done. WE HAVE A BOOK NOOK! And the kids use it all the time.

Lila announced, "I'm done."

Ryan was having the boys balance on his knees and hands. Lila of course, needed to be involved, so she threw herself on top of Ryan, too. This is the best picture I got because I was laughing too hard to take more!

The next series of pictures shows you Lila's typical responses to a camera being pulled out.


When the weather started to warm up, we decided to pull our picnic table to the back yard! We were sitting in the shade, though, and soon realized that the shade was chillier than we'd anticipated. We pulled our table all the way over to the one patch of back yard that had the sun shining on it and were much happier. We were also much more squinty-eyed.

And of course we drew chalk on the walls after.