Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ashie Loses a Tooth

Before I had kids, I thought milestones or accomplishments wouldn't be as big of a deal when my second or third child hit them--because I would have already seen my first child do everything, right? A major truth of parenting for me is that milestones (at least most of them) are a big deal to me with every child. I was just as pumped about Asher learning to ride a bike as I was about Reed learning to ride a bike. Lila learning to walk was just as amazing to me as Asher and Reed learning to walk. Watching Asher read is just as heart-warming as watching Reed read. And I'm not just saying all this in hopes that one day, when the kids read this (are you reading this, grown up children?), they won't have their feelings hurt. This is truth. Maybe if I had more kids or were less sentimental (because I am deeply sentimental), this wouldn't hold true. But I don't and I am and it does. (Work that sentence out.) (Yay parentheses.) (I could keep these coming all day.) (But I won't.)

Two weeks ago, Asher announced that he had a wiggly tooth. At first, I thought that there was NO WAY he had a wiggly tooth. He is barely (kind of barely) five years old! But then I felt his tooth and it was not just a tiny bit wiggly, but quite wiggly. What?!

Luckily, I had a long time to come to terms with the fact that my baby was going to lose a tooth. Sniffle. He asked me, "Do you want to feel my wiggler?" at least once a day. And I dutifully wiggled his wiggler each time. Really, feeling a wiggly tooth is kind of fun.

Then one day, he showed me his tooth and it was literally not even connected in the front! I tried to pull it out but, as we all know, I am squeamish and bad at things that are kind of gross--so I failed. Ryan is working many, many hours right now, so he couldn't pull the tooth out. So we waited.

Thankfully, that very day (3/4/16), Asher took a bite of a granola bar--and out popped his tooth! Hooray. It didn't even bleed. Double hooray. He was so pumped and even asked me if I wanted to feel the spot where his tooth used to be. (I felt it.)

That night, he tucked his tooth safely into his tooth pillow. In the morning, he marched into my room at 6:02 to show me the TWO DOLLARS that the tooth fairy left him! He was so excited that he pranced back down the hall to his room (the boys are supposed to stay in bed until 7, even if they wake up a little early. On this day, he came out long enough to show me his prize, then bounced back to bed). That very day we went to Target to spend his bounty on a ball popper/shooter he had his eye on. And the next day, when he got to see Ryan, he just couldn't stop talking about his tooth, which was so cute.

I can't get over how ridiculously adorable his missing tooth smile is.

It's tradition to take a picture, smiling, before their smile is changed forever. Asher was cracking up, but we kind of pulled it off!

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