Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Bow Show

When I found out that Lila was a girl, I had visions dancing in my head of all the cute stuff I was going to make, the adorable bows her cute little head was always going to be adorned with, the general explosion of pink and purple that was going to become my life. Then Ryan got his new job, we had to pack up and sell our house, and we moved the majority of our stuff into storage. Then the holidays came. Then I was exhausted from being hugely pregnant, which was closely followed by being doubly exhausted by having a newborn and needing to unpack a house.

Most of the projects I'd dreamed up fell by the wayside--or at least got pushed way, way back. In fact, one project I finished just last week; a mere three years after Lila was born.

I've found that I'm best aat doing projects when I schedule a time for a specific project, then, if I'm feeling really ambitious, invite a friend over to do the project with me. I hadn't done a project with a Vegas friend yet, so I decided it was about time. I invited my friend Karinne over and the two of us made bows while the kids played, made their own flannel board/felt scenes, and were generally quite good. The only tricky aspect was keeping baby Adalyn out of the hot glue, but we managed. At the end of the day, I'd made 16ish felt bows! Amazing, right?

The next day, when we were showing off my amazing bow skills to Ryan, the following craziness ensued. Who is really surprised? I love when we're goofy together.

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