Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Reed had a birthday party to attend. The party was at the park, and I figured that the little guys and I could play on the park while Reed was at his party. We'd also sold a toy to someone online and they could meet at the park during that time frame to pick up the toy, so that would work out to our advantage, too. The plan seemed perfect. And the first 45 minutes were. We'd brought our bikes, so they got to ride. We ran into one of my favorite friends, so I got to chat with her for a little while as the kids played. The purchaser of our toy showed up right on time, so we got that taken care of (and the kids were $20 richer). 

Then they turned on me. THEY WERE BORED OF THE PARK. Seriously. Also, Asher was kind of upset that he didn't get to stay for the party. They were also probably kind of hungry, which I take full responsibility for. Turns out that 2 hours at the park was about 1 hour too much to ask that night. (Though sometimes I have to drag them away from the park after 2.5 hours. Kids.)

We walked over to the party group a bit early, and Asher and Lila's (im)patience was rewarded with pizza (they had a ton leftover), cake, and a party favor--a giant tube of bubbles. Reed had a great time at the party, and Asher and Lila were finally (sort of) appeased. And I was only too happy to pack everyone into the car and head for home!

A few days later, while Reed was at school, we decided to give the bubbles a go. They were so much fun! Asher liked spinning in circles to create huge bubbles. Lila tried with all her might to blow bubbles, but only blew spit until I gave her a few lessons. I enjoyed being outside in the gorgeous weather, watching my babies have fun. Ashie wanted me to take pictures, and I actually got a few winners! After our mini photo shoot, we decided to try slow-mo videos, which were SUPER COOL.

And yes, you did just read four paragraphs just to look at a handful of pictures. I'm growing more long-winded in my old age.

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