Thursday, March 3, 2016

On the Weekend

We got home from St. George on Friday afternoon, and met Ryan for dinner Friday night! We hadn't seem him all week so a dinner date was a lot of fun. After dinner, we headed home for bed and Ryan headed home for many more hours of work. On Saturday, he woke up super early (like I didn't even stir when he was getting ready early) and went in to the office so he could work, but then still have a day with us.

While Ryan was gone, the kids and I went the the library--where we ACCIDENTALLY FOUND A GEOCACHE. We've been hoping to have an accidental find for months now. The boys always, always check the covers on the bottom of light poles when we are out and about, just in a case a geocache might be hiding inside. At the library, Reed checked a pole with no luck. Then we decided it would be fun to place a geocache at the library, since we had a geocache in our car just waiting to be placed. We went to a light pole that was a little more discrete, pulled up the cover, and found a geocache already inside! It was hilarious. The cache even had items for trade--Asher took a rock, Reed took a tiny ninja, and Lila got a Minnie ring and we replaced our haul with items from our geocaching pack in the car!

When Ryan got home, we packed a picnic and headed to Redrock--only to turn right around, because there was a gigantic line of cars just to get IN to Redrock, and that didn't look like fun at all! We went to Calico Basin instead to do one of our favorite hikes: the ninja hike.

We set out intending to make it to the top of the mountain. As it turns out, the kids are in way better shape than Ryan or I--he hasn't been able to exercise for a few weeks because of busy season, and I haven't exercised since January because of my knee. I was also toting Lila, which didn't help. We did make our way rather far to the top before my fear of heights and exhaustion coupled to make me super uncomfortable with going any farther up. The kids were disappointed, but were good sports about it, thankfully! Side note: the boys found rocks to carry on the hike (surprise surprise) and made X's every few steps. On the way back down, we were all cracking up over all the X's we passed!

When we got home, we had a quick snack and relaxed for a few minutes before heading to the Tommy Wind Magic Show! We'd scored free tickets and the kids were all kinds of excited about seeing a magician perform. Honestly, the first half of the show was not great, but the second half actually improved a lot! The tricks weren't anything new or too crazy, but I'm of the opinion that pretty much all magic is cool so enjoyed the show. Reed and Asher were beside themselves in awe--HOW DID HE DO THAT?! They'd say after every trick. I loved it.

To wrap up our weekend, we shot off our rockets Sunday after church. (Does that sound bad? We did go to church. And Reed scriptures. And do family stuff.) We also decided to take slow mo videos of the launches. The videos were SO COOL. And just like that, the weekend was over!

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