Friday, March 18, 2016

Random Picture Time

I've been working on putting together our 2014 blog book and keep thinking, "I was SO good at recording! What has happened to me?!" As my kids get older, I'm less busy in some ways and more busy in others. Blogging is one thing that I'm trying really hard to work back into my routine. I want to blog the little everyday stuff, not just the big occasions. I've been playing catch up with those little occasions a bit, which has renewed my love for blogging. And now that I'm kind of "caught up," I find myself with a (small) slew of pictures that don't fit in to another post or don't really deserve a post of their own but obviously must be immortalized. So here we go.

At some point, Lila decided that she absolutely needed slippers. ABSOLUTELY. Then, of course, Asher got slippers for Christmas and Reed bought himself slippers with some of his birthday money. Add that to the fact that I have slippers that I wear quite a lot and Lila's desire for slippers skyrocketed. I had my eye out for a deal on slippers and was happily surprised when we were at Children's Place and I found a smokin' deal on the cutest slippers I'd ever seen:

Reed is required to read 15 minutes a day for school. I'm a big fan of this requirement. He likes to read in the morning, before school. Asher usually joins in. Sometimes Lila even joins and I about die from the cuteness. This day I decided to take a picture. Reed was obviously a fan.

Also, we'd reorganized this spot so our Christmas tree could have a home. After Christmas, we didn't put the bookshelf that was once here back--instead we moved our tiny chair here and keep a basket of our library books next door. This has been one of my favorite things we've ever done. WE HAVE A BOOK NOOK! And the kids use it all the time.

Lila announced, "I'm done."

Ryan was having the boys balance on his knees and hands. Lila of course, needed to be involved, so she threw herself on top of Ryan, too. This is the best picture I got because I was laughing too hard to take more!

The next series of pictures shows you Lila's typical responses to a camera being pulled out.


When the weather started to warm up, we decided to pull our picnic table to the back yard! We were sitting in the shade, though, and soon realized that the shade was chillier than we'd anticipated. We pulled our table all the way over to the one patch of back yard that had the sun shining on it and were much happier. We were also much more squinty-eyed.

And of course we drew chalk on the walls after.

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