Friday, March 11, 2016

The Grassy Place, Revisited

There's a grassy place (for lack of a better name) in both of the two neighborhoods next to us. We used to ride bikes to the grassy place all the time, mainly because it was the only place the boys' little legs could keep peddling to before they were ready to collapse with exhaustion--in their defense, you have to go up a long and steepish hill to get out of our neighborhood. Now that the boys are big with very strong legs from all their bike riding--stronger than mine, for sure--we hardly ever go to the grassy place. A few weeks ago, we decided to remedy that situation.

Mondays are my cleaning days. And, if we're desperate, they're also my grocery shopping days. This Monday was one of those desperate days. But I started the day with a plan: we'd breakfast, dress, and be out the door early so we could hit the store blitzkreig style. Then we'd come home, put the groceries away, and the kids could clean their rooms while I cleaned the house.

And guess what? MY PLAN ACTUALLY HAPPENED. The kids were SO good and I was SO proud of them that I knew we needed to do something cool in the hour-ish we had before Lila's nap. So we packed a lunch, jumped on our bikes--I must insert that even I jumped on my bike--and we went to the grassy place. We had a lovely picnic, then played various rounds of soccer and other made up games. Most of the made up games involved the boys going off so Lila couldn't mess up what they were doing while she and I climbed all over a bench and she gave me various commands for our "game." After a while, we were ready to go home. I love that the simplest of things can be so fun.

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