Friday, March 4, 2016

The Monthly Asher: 64

Made himself a bed!

Asher and I do one-on-one time together while Lila naps. Every other day we do school, but the days in between school are his choice. He always wants ideas and I always offer up the option to "mug and mug and mug" (i.e. cuddle). One day this month he actually chose to mug and mug and mug without me even offering the option! Neither boy has ever chosen mugging without some other activity like reading a book is involved. We had a fantastic and relaxing cuddle. I loved it.

I think Asher has the most nicknames out of everyone in our family. One of these nicknames is "goo true." I have a song I sing about him being our goo true. One day, I sang the first line: "He's our goo true..." and Asher chimed in, "He's our tooting master!" I died.

Homemade lunchables are one of our favorites. He likes to build super sams.

Asher can burp on command. Several times in a row. I'm simultaneously grossed out and in awe.

Asher has gotten really brave on the bars at Reed's school. He likes to grab the bar, use his feet to scramble up the support pole, then wrap his legs around the top bar (where his hands are holding) and dangle like a little monkey! He's gotten really good at this and does it pretty much every day at pickup.

Asher continues to zip through the Magic Treehouse series. He just finished #16, Hour of the Olympics, and would have started reading 17 but the library didn't have the book checked in. He has a goal to read 12 chapter books this year and he's already at 7!

We started piano lessons this month! I was originally going to start with just Reed. Then Asher hung out right next to us during every piano lesson and memorized Reed's first song just by listening to Reed play it, and I realized that Asher was quite interested in learning to play, too. I'm proceeded cautiously because I'm worried he's too young--and I don't want him to get too frustrated and just give up. We've had two lessons so far and he is picking it right up! It's seeming to come very naturally to him. I'm excited to watch him develop this new talent.

Asher has his first wiggly tooth! It hasn't popped out yet, but is getting very, very close. He is anxiously awaiting a visit from the tooth fairy.

Owl glasses

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this, but I realized recently that Asher's sleep has improved so much since his surgery--and I didn't even realize his sleep needed improving! Before his surgery, he would often be up somewhere in the 11:00 hour, usually running to the bathroom. At least a few times a month he'd come into our room at night crying--often not knowing why he was upset. Since the surgery, he has only come into our room once or twice and both times were because he was actually sick. He hardly ever wakes up in that 11:00 hour. He just goes to bed and sleeps all night! I didn't realize that his interrupted sleep was probably due to his tonsils blocking his airway a bit and waking him up! How crazy, right? I'm so glad we did the surgery, even though the recovery was miserable.

Asher is becoming quite the lego master. His latest thing is to build creations that look like solid cubes--but then he pulls them apart into two pieces and you realize that the two pieces have legos facing opposite directions so were never locked in in the first place!

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