Friday, March 4, 2016

The Monthly Lila: 37

I've got a pleathora of good Lila quotes this month. They might not be funny to anyone but me, but I personally find them hilarious!

Lila: How do people put babies in your belly? (Note: There is not a baby in my belly)
Me: Heavenly Father puts them there
Lila: He is magical!

While we were in St. George, I had Lila sleep in bed with me one night because her allergies were making me nervous. When she woke up and saw me she immediately gave me a hug and said, "I love you!" A minute later she said, "I need a huggie." Then she asked me to hold her. The she said, "You is cute Mommy! We both is cute. We both is pumpkin dollies!" She is so, so sweet.

Lately Lila likes to tell me, "Follow leader. I is leader. Follow me!" Then she leads me somewhere.

At least five times a day while we were in St. George, Lila told Ben, "I is princess Ben!" Likewise, she'd tell Grandma, "You love me grandma!"

The other day while we were driving, Lila told me, "I is helping you drive mommy! Are we turning yet?" I looked back and she was holding an imaginary steering wheel and literally "turned" her wheel on every turn.

One day I left the room to take out my contacts. Lila yelled, "I is coming with you because you is my girl!!!"

We were cuddling at nap time, and Lila just did not want me to leave. She needed to nap because she was totally tired, so I told her we could cuddle more after her nap time. When she woke up, I was downstairs and the boys were upstairs so they went into get her for me. She came down the stairs sobbing, "We were going to cuddle dollies!" So she and I went right back upstairs to cuddle dollies.

We've been all about nail polish lately. She always wants me to match with her.

I often ask Lila what she liked about our day while we are rocking at night. One day at nap time, without being prompted at all Lila said, "You know what I liked for day? Not getting a poke!" We'd gone to the doctor and she didn't get a shot, unlike the time before when we went to the doctor and she had to have blood drawn.

 Lila bopped her head and said, "The princess got hurt!"

This pose was her idea.

We gave Lila new necklaces for Valentines Day and one was blue. She asked me if I could wear her boy color one! I've never heard her define "boy" or "girl" colors before.

Whenever Lila washes herself in the tub she chants, "And my back back back and my bum bum bum and my belly belly belly and piggie piggie piggies..." etc.

Lila missed her nap one day, then fell asleep reading a book on the couch while I made dinner! She is not a child who falls asleep just anywhere, so I had to document it.

Lila likes to lean her head way back and ask, "See how long my hair is?"

We have this little thing we do as part of school where we pretend that our hands are books. We open up our books to see what's inside--like a princess or a spider or whatever. We were playing this game one night and Reed, little snarky boy, said that his book had an empty page. I told him to draw a knight to slay the dragon that had come out of Asher's book. Reed told me he couldn't draw because it was a book. Lila said, "What's in my book! It's a notebook! I will draw ooooh-n-corn (unicorn)!"

Lila was crying, so I asked her what was the matter. She said, "I just want to cuddle dollies with my momma!"

Lila: Mommy I is worn out
Me: Oh good, because it's almost your nap time
Lila: I changed my mind. I is not worn out!

This month we went to an allergist to get more info on Lila's allergies. The cow's milk, wheat, and soy she tested slightly positive for were determined to be a false positive (phew!) and the doctor also said there was a good chance Lila could grow out of her peanut allergy. Lila did test positive for the majority of the grasses and trees that were tested. The doctor gave us a prescription for a daily medicine to take on a trial basis, as well as a medicine to take in case of a (not severe) reaction, as well as an epi-pen. So far, the medicine doesn't seem to be doing much--but this time of year does seem to be Lila's worst time of year as far as allergies go, so that could be a huge factor in how well/not well the medicine seems to be doing. We have a follow-up appointment next week to see how the medicine is helping (or not), so we'll see if anything changes!

Other news this month is that we went to a speech evaluation for Lila! The evaluation is run through the school district and is operated by their preschool/specialty team, so we pumped Lila up by telling her that she got to go to school--JUST LIKE THE BOYS! She was so, so excited! When she woke up from her nap and it was time to go, she asked me, "Can we talk a picture with that board thingie like my boys?" She wanted a first day of school picture--she knows how we roll in this family! Then, as soon as we parked the car and I unbuckled her, she hopped out and said, "Bye Mommy!" and started walking toward school! She insisted on wearing her backpack, too. When we got to "school" for real, she cried a bit, but calmed down quickly. She did a great job and we found out that her speech problems are age-appropriate and all show emerging skills, so the SLP thinks they'll develop without speech classes. Hooray!

Lately, Lila always wants to "pose" for pictures--generally by putting one hand near her face or on her hand somewhere, and the other hand either on her hip, belly, or bum! She's crazy.

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