Friday, March 4, 2016

The Monthly Reed: 87

Reed was trying to grab the Cerave (lotion) which was up high while keeping his arms in his towel. He said, "T-Rex can't reach Cerave up high!"

Sometimes, I sit in the big chair and the kids all crowd around, then we read stacks of books!

If the boys don't want Lila to do something they are doing, Reed will tell her, "Lila, princesses don't do that!" Or "Lila, boys play with legos and princesses watch them" or "Princesses like to play with ___________." The kicker is that she believes him every time! He is so tricky. He even explained this method to me the other day in case I wanted to employ it, haha. 

At his school's bingo night, Reed got a bingo so got to pick out a new book to keep. He asked me if I thought he'd like a Nancy Clancy. Nancy Clancy is the chapter book version of the Fancy Nancy picture books. The boys LOVE Fancy Nancy. Nancy Clancy books are usually mysteries, and Reed loves mystery books. I pointed those facts out and he brought Nancy Clancy home. So far, he has loved it! The other day, he read his required 15 minutes for school, and when I told him his time was up he asked if he could keep going because, "It's just like the kind of book you don't want to put down." I've experienced many books like that myself and it warms my book-loving heart to see him enjoy a book so much! 

He built a house!

Reed started taking piano lessons this month! His teacher is pretty tough. His teacher is me :) I've worried about teaching him to play myself because he on occassion thinks he knows more than I do--but so far, our lessons have gone pretty well. Reed is a perfectionist, and really hates when he can't do things perfectly right away. He expects to be able to do things the first time he tries them and gets really, really frustrated if he can't. His first lesson was easy peasy. The song was a piece of cake for him and he'd memorized it after the first day. His second lesson introduced a new type of notes: half notes. And his third lesson introduced another: whole notes. He is generally super frustrated his lesson day when we try out the new song because he struggles to play it "perfectly." The next day, I work him through the song and have him practice each measure individually a few times in a row. By the next day, he can easily play the song and practices it with ease until his lesson day arrives again and we repeat the process! I've been trying to remind him of this cycle when he's frustrated but so far the cycle continues. He is getting really good at counting and keeping time and I think he is genuinely enjoying the piano when he's moved past the frustration day, so that's good!

We've been reading the scriptures as a family most nights and, about a month ago, started giving the boys turns reading out loud. I'm so impressed by how well both of them have picked up the scriptural words! Reed can read most verses now without stopping or stumbling over any words! The other day he read the word "stiffnecked" without even pausing and Ryan and I just stared at each other in shock--that's a big word for a first grader! At the beginning of the school year he was reading at a 4th grade reading level and I'm very curious if our scripture reading has increased his reading level--I can't wait until the next time his teacher tests his reading level to see!
Reed had track break last month and it was really nice for all of us to have him home. I loved getting to do M and B time again and Asher loved having a partner in crime. Lila gets along better with Reed than with Asher (mostly because Reed generally knows when to stop), so she was happy to have Bub home, too. We miss him when he's at school!

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