Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Weekend Beast: Valentines Day

We were lucky to get a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Hambly this Valentines Day! We probably wore them right out with all we managed to squeeze into the weekend, but we sure had fun doing it! I honestly don't remember all that we did or exactly what order we did it in, so I'm just going to bust this out list-style.

1. Rockets
Kent bequeathed a few rockets to us the last time we'd visited. We tried to launch the rockets a few weeks before Grandma and Grandpa had visited, but something went wrong and none of them would launch, which was super disappointing. After we'd left the launch site, Ryan thought that maybe the problem was the cheap dollar store battery we were using in the launch button! We bought a new battery in preparation for Grandma and Grandpa's trip and when we tried to launch this time IT WORKED! The rockets were so cool and went so high in the air. We were all just laughing/grinning/amazed, even on subsequent launches. SO MUCH FUN.

2. Pinball Hall of Fame
We love the Pinball Hall of Fame and knew Grandpa would appreciate the classic and antique machines. We played our way through about $15 in quarters and all had a ball! Lila took me around for a while, then abandoned me in favor of Grandma (who is, I admit, much cooler than I am).

3. Date Night
Kent and Ruth babysat the kids for us on Saturday night so Ryan and I could go on a date (!!!) for Valentine's Day. We decided on Fudrucker's. We'd been doing our healthy eating challenge for about 5 weeks, and a hamburger just sounded SO good--and it was. After dinner, we went out to Target, because we literally always go to Target on dates. I found a totes adorbs coat that was on super clearance. And then we went to JCPenney to spend my $10 off $10 coupon that was burning a hole in my pocket (hyperbolically, of course). We found a sweet little dress for Jae and dope headphones for Ryan.

4. Sunday
The weather was so gorgeous on Sunday that after church we decided to eat lunch outside! We spent literally the next two hours visiting while the kids made themselves insanely dirty by digging in our empty garden. They may have been making dirt angels at one point.

Grandpa wanted to show the kids a method for making paper boats he'd used as an object lesson with his primary kids. Our first round of boats didn't last long in the water, so they decided to attempt waxed paper--and it worked wonderfully! The boats were even salvaged for a second use.

Ryan and the boys had been meaning to make match head rockets, but hadn't found a chance to. Having Grandpa here was the perfect chance!They built the rockets according to the directions--and the rockets were a total flop, ha.

And since Sunday was Valentine's Day, I did heart hair on Lila for the first time ever. I've always loved doing hair, so this was kind of moment dreams are made of. I'm not even exaggerating.

5. Surprises
Grandma and Grandpa always have some kind of surprise for the kids. This time it was a big set of paints, brushes, and paper that Lila especially adored. She painted at least 20 pictures in just that one weekend! They also brought each child their own little box of Valentine chocolates, glowing bubbles, and two new outfits for Lila's our generation doll. Lila was smitten with the outfits and we changed her babies' clothes many times that weekend.

We sure love Grandma and Grandpa and are so glad they came to see us!

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