Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Weekly Beast: The Return

Hey there! It's me again. And since I'm starting to feel overwhelmingly behind, I've decided to (try) to reinstate The Weekly Beast! We'll start with last week, because that seems like a very good place to start.

Last week was the last week of Reed's track break! He had the entire month of February off. We'd already done most of our favorite things to do in Vegas, so thought we'd enjoy a week in St. George at Grandma and Grandpa's house! The last week of February is also generally a very busy week for Ryan and we probably wouldn't really see him even if we were home, so going to St. George seemed like the perfect way to end track break.

Somehow, Ashie and Ben always end up matching.

On Monday, we woke up, packed, did a touch of cleaning, and hit the road! One of the great things about St. George is that it is not a long drive. We got to Grandma and Grandpa's just in time for lunch, then put Lila down for a nap. Unfortunately, she woke up twenty minutes into her nap because she'd thrown up everywhere, which kind of put a damper on our plans. I put her in the tub, and Grandma and Grandpa took the boys out for our afternoon plan: riding bikes at the park in their neighborhood. Happily, once Lila was in the tub she perked right up and seemed totally fine. Kayla came into the bathroom to watch Lila for me while I cleaned up the crib. When I finished cleaning and went to relieve Kayla of her duty, Lila told me in no uncertain terms that she wanted Kayla, not me! Ha.

Family Home Evening!

On Tuesday, Grandma had the morning off work! Grandma had a few ideas of things we could do, but all the boys wanted to do was craft with her! The boys have recently discovered a love for stitching with embroidery thread and wanted to show off for Grandma, I think--so the three of them disappeared downstairs and stitched many creations. They had a fantastic time. Lila isn't really into stitching yet, so she and I made some purple (what other color?) play-dough, then happily played for at least an hour. We'd revisit the play dough every day that week because she loved it so much! Grandma had things scheduled in the afternoon, so the boys and I entertained ourselves. They just wanted to have a chill day at Grandma's, so we played pinball, jumped on the trampoline, played pinball, jumped on the get the idea!

Tuesday is also Reed's piano lesson day. This week, it was also the day we decided to start Ashie on piano lessons when we got back to Vegas. I told him we could start in St. George and he wanted to wait. An hour later, while I made lunch, Reed taught Asher the entire first lesson, which kind of made my day it was so cute.

On Wednesday we wanted to get out of the house, partially because Lila was starting to have allergy troubles and I was worried that she was reacting to Coco, Grandma and Grandpa's dog. We started at the park, which was probably also a bad idea allergy-wise because Lila also has seasonal allergies--but we did have a very fun time. After the park, we decided kind of on a whim to go to the Harmon's Grocery grand opening! We'd heard that samples abounded, and if there's anything we love it's free food. We weren't disappointed at Harmon's. We got to try at least ten different samples and got free balloons! Win.

We spent Wednesday afternoon swimming at the Washington City Community Center with Grandpa and Kayla. When we lived in St. George, we had a pass to the community center and would go swimming all the time. Living near a pool that's not crazy expensive is something I've definitely missed since living in Vegas. Anyway, the pool was so great. The kids loved the life jackets--especially the "tail" (better known as the excess cord) that hung off the jackets. The boys, who usually hate having any bit of water in their eyes, were purposely standing under the gigantic bucket of water that intermittently dumps out, waiting to get soaked. And all three of them were going up and down the slides like crazy. The water was gloriously warm and we all had a wonderful time.

On Thursday, I have no recollection of what we did for the first half of the day. But Thursday afternoon was spent at the sand dunes in Snow Canyon State Park with Grandma, Grandpa, and Kayla! The kids all love digging, so the sand dunes were kind of our happy place. The sand is super fine and fantastic to dig in. We all dug and dug and dug and dug. Then the kids made sand angels, because they're crazy like that. When we'd had our fill of digging in the first section of dunes, we made the walk over to another set of dunes. We discovered many animal tracks along the way and had fun guessing which animals could have made which tracks. We didn't dig much in the second set of dunes, but we did watch a group of people setting up a marriage proposal (complete with a full table set and potted plants all lugged out to the middle of the sand dunes) and had races up and down the hills of sand, which is surprisingly fun.

Thursday night was kind of worrisome for me. Lila's allergies were really acting up--the worst they've been since last February, when we ended up in the ER. I gave her yet another bath (in hopes of washing off the allergens on her skin), then tucked her in to my bed instead of the crib. When I went to bed a few hours later, she was having sleep apnea-esque episodes, which are not my favorite. When she's having allergy issues, she gets super congested and sometimes has the apnea episodes. Anyway, I woke her up, gave her the medicine the doctor said to give her when she's reacting (a few hours early--it's supposed to be given once a day--but who's counting?) then put the epi pen on the nightstand next to me before climbing into bed with her. Thankfully, she slept fine and woke up still allergic-y, but at least not any worse than the night before.

And finally, on Friday we went to the Children's Museum! We explored every room, of course, but I think I can safely say the crowd favorite (at least as far as rooms are concerned) was the stage room. Reed and Asher were the DJ mixmaster team extraordinaire, while Lila dressed up and was a total ham on stage. We were in that room for at least half an hour. We also discovered something new at the Children's Museum: you can check out cubelet robots from the front desk that you can build with while you're at the museum. The cubelet set has a variety of cubes that are magnetic. The attraction between the magnets holds them together when you build with them. Each cube has a different function: one is a light, one is a battery, one controls motion, one is a speaker, etc. We built a few different robots with the cubelets and loved watching them move! We loved the cubelets so much, in fact, that we looked them up right then and there to see how much they cost. We were rather disappointed to learn that buying our own set would cost a mere $320. Sad face. We did plan to check out the cubelets every time we visit the museum in the future.

After a quick stop at Wal-Mart for lunch supplies and oil (that I put in the car myself, go me), we were on our way back home!

 When I loaded my photos on the computer, I discovered that Reed had taken a plethora of totally random shots. Including one just seemed like the right thing to do.

We weren't even talking about Star Wars or anything--but when Lila made this for me, she told me, "I made BB8!"

 One morning Reed asked me where his scriptures were. Ten minutes later, I found him and Ashie looking up words in the index, then finding the scriptures referenced!

 One day, Reed was running out of a room as Asher was running full speed down the hall. They collided and it was ugly. I think Reed is still mad about it!

We made it home!

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I'm so glad you came! What a fun week. If only I didn't have so much school work to do!!