Monday, April 25, 2016

Another Falcon

Well, it happened. I registered my second baby for Kindergarten. When we registered Reed for Kindergarten, it seemed impossible that I had a child old enough to be starting school. And now it just feels ridiculous that I'm going to have two in school! 

This past non-school year for Asher has been perfect. I'm so glad we decided to keep him home this year instead of doing preschool. He has generally been engaged and ready to learn when we do school together. His reading has taken off! Because he doesn't have really anything scheduled, he gets to spend a lot of time doing what he chooses--and he generally chooses reading or playing the piano! I have always been a bookworm and it is such a delight to have a child find as much pleasure in reading as I do. He has been reading the Magic Treehouse series of chapter books and just devouring them--he often starts and finishes one in a day. We've started checking out five or six Magic Treehouse books each time we go to the library, because otherwise he is out of books before our weekly library trip comes around! I just love that he loves reading and know that passion for books is something that will serve him well as he grows older. 

I also think that he is ready to go to school. School will definitely be a transition--kindergarten at our school is full-day, five days a week, and that might be a little tough after only doing homeschool preschool this year. We've been talking about the new experiences he will have when he goes to school and he is just excited, which is a blessing after the trepidation he was feeling about going to preschool last year. We'll see if he feels the same way in the fall. Asher says he is most excited to ride the bus with Bub and to do specials. I am so happy he will have Reed at the same school and hope that it is a great year for both of them.

When we signed up for Kinder, I let Asher pick out his very own Forbuss shirt--Reed's kinder Forbuss shirt fits Asher now, but I wanted Asher to have one all his own. He was super pumped about getting a shirt and was even more pumped when they had his favorite color, blue. He put it on immediately, then wanted to pose for a picture by the Falcon (just like Reed did). It was a little bright :)

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Kayla Martin said...

I can't believe Ashie B is going to school!! They're growing up too fast!