Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Girls' Weekend

We've started a bit of a tradition where Ryan takes someone on a trip after tax season. Two years ago, we all went to California. Last year, he and Asher went to Colorado. This year, he was going to take Reed on a solo trip to San Diego. Ryan realized that they could go to Legoland while they were there and let Reed decide if they should invite Ashie, too, since they were doing something so cool. Sweet Reeder didn't want Ashie to miss out, so it turned in to a boys' trip! Lila was not even a little bit sad that she was missing Legoland because she was just SO pumped about being girls' team all weekend! She asked if it was the day the boys were leaving for a week solid before their trip, silly girl.

I basically let Lila decide what we'd do all weekend. I was surprised that she didn't want to do anything "big," but was just pumped to do our regular stuff with just the two of us! On Thursday, we went out to a dinner date at IHOP, then to Petco to look at the animals, and finally to McDonald's for ice cream. Lila was so excited to get a "face pancake" at IHOP and is still talking about how awesome that was. She was so silly the entire date and just so jazzed to be out, just the two of us. She chattered nonstop and basked in the joy of having all of mom's attention!

On Friday, we wore our Poorly Drawn Shirts to match the boys from a distance. We wanted to go to the splash pad, but it was insanely windy so we settled on a park trip without water and with a picnic. Despite the wind, we had a really great time. Lila found a ladybug at one point and spent a good 15 minutes watching, oooooohing, and following it. That night, we watched a Dora movie in my bed, then attempted to have a sleepover. After about 20 minutes of her talking, we decided that she should just sleep in her own bed. She was totally sold on going to her own bed, which was a blessing because she'd been talking about having a sleepover all week! 

On Saturday, Lila really wanted to do school--so we did school! After, we went to the splash pad even though it was still windy. I even wore my swimsuit so I could play with Lila. We spent most of our time going through the "hula hoops" (tunnels that really do resemble hula hoops), filling her bucket, using her water squirter, and avoiding getting very wet. It was pretty chilly but she lasted about 1.5 hours before she was ready to go home! That night, Grandma, Grandpa, Ben, and Kayla came into town and took us out to dinner!

On Sunday, we went to church, then played with G, G, B, & K before they headed back to St. George. After they left and Lila napped, we enjoyed some reading time, a short walk, and a little relaxing.

Which brings us to Monday! I needed to spend some time cleaning Monday morning. Once I finished, we played dress up and hide and seek until it was time to head to my knee doctor appointment. Once we got back, we made applesauce bread, then greeted our boys because they were home!

On Monday, I asked Lila if she missed the boys. She told me, "Nope! I is just having so much fun with girls' team!" She loved our little weekend and I did, too. I don't often get one-on-one time with her, so this weekend was really special with us. Her personality is so hilarious and so big for such a small girl that it's fun to just watch her in action. She loved being in charge of what we did. Sometimes, I'd suggest something, then she'd say, "I have something!" and tell me her life-changing idea for what we should do. For the most part, we did what she wanted to and she loved that! I'm so glad I had a weekend with my doll.

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Kayla Martin said...

Thanks for letting us spend part of your weekend with you!! :)