Friday, April 8, 2016

Leprechaun Trap

Lucky for us, our leprechaun visited us on St. Patrick's Night rather than St. Patrick's Eve this year, because we didn't set up our trap until St. Patrick's Day! We had a lot of fun building our trap this year. The boys wanted to try a lego building with a sticky glue trap inside and we were all quite excited about our prospects of catching the leprechaun this year. Lila was super excited about everything we were doing, though I don't really think she had any idea why we were doing it! We came up with several sneaky additions to our trap, too: a fake hole in the side that was actually construction paper--we wanted the money to look like it was falling out; a sign that said "Hambly Bank" and warned the leprechaun not to come inside; a trail of paper shamrocks and real pennies leading from the fridge to the bank on the table (the logic there was that the leprechaun ALWAYS dyes our milk green, so would be sure to see the trail and follow it), and coins in the actual glue trap to lure the leprechaun inside.

But, like he always does, the leprechaun managed to escape. He busted  a hole in the side of the bank, then used a combo of popsicle sticks and a tape dispenser nearby to pull himself out. Before he left our house, though, he gave us a few surprises: green milk; a green potty; green crepe paper leading from the kids' rooms to downstairs; more green crepe paper all over downstairs; and a trail of green forks and knives that led to a circle of green plates that encircled a treat! The treat was rainbow licorice and rolos. We didn't catch the leprechaun but at least we got a little gold!

St. Patrick's Day this year was really fun. Holidays are always a little bit of a bummer when Ryan is not around, but we did our best to make this a super fan St. Pat's!

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