Saturday, April 23, 2016

March Picture Beast

So the somewhat ironic thing about this post is that when I was working on my 2014 blog book, I was annoyed with myself for posts like this because they are really hard to format into a blog book. But sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do, yo. March was too long ago (22 WHOLE DAYS) to remember details--at least well enough to blog them. So the picture dump with captions will have to suffice. 

We had a garage sale/bake sale with our friends! We are using the money the kids raised at the bake sale to donate to We raised $57, then let the kids choose what animal they wanted to donate! They voted on the "Hope Basket," which is a rabbit and a starter flock of chickens, plus the education and training for the animals' care. The kids were super pumped they raised so much money and also pumped that we let them buy some of the treats they were selling! Next time, we need to make more treats because we ran out quickly!

Every so often, we do what we call "go to town crafting." We get a big pile of supplies--paper, stickers, glitter, etc.--and go to town! The kids love it and it keeps us occupied forever.

One day we were at the park and poor Asher's shorts got caught on something and RIPPED like you wouldn't believe! He tried to play for a bit but he was pretty embarrassed, so we packed up and left. Luckily, we'd already been playing for a while and had already eaten our picnic :)

Lila LOVES her Doc McStuffins kit. Reed doesn't really love to play with Lila's toys. But this one day, he totally played along and they were so cute together!

Lila's doing. I had to laugh.

One morning Asher had a belly ache, so we cuddled up on the couch. Lila isn't okay with someone cuddling with me and her not being involved, so she snuggled up to my other side. I was quite happy :)

Lila drew "Chewbacca." How cute!

I die. His happy/I can't contain myself because I'm laughing so hysterically face is one of my favorites.We were working both adjectives and spelling and he cracked himself up with the sentence he made.

Lila LOVES the driver carts at Smith's and on this particular day a pink driver cart was available. Her day = made.

These next few are from our latest dentist visit. No one had cavities, woohoo! Reed did get sealants put on his molars, which he really wasn't a fan of. Lila and Asher both did better than last time at having x-rays taken. Good work, team!

One day she used her lamb as a pillow, my yoga mat as a bad, and covered herself with the blanket she's dubbed "The Princess Blanket" (because it is pink.)

Ashie has been getting so brave with his climbing!

Lila wants to do anything her boys do. Check out her death glare in the second picture!

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