Friday, April 15, 2016

Skater Boi

Ryan has been kind of pining after a skateboard. Skateboards are kind of expensive, though, so he'd been watching Craigslist for months, waiting for a decently priced and not junky skateboard to come up for sale. He even almost bought one once, then decided he didn't really need it, then changed his mind only to find out that the skateboard had already sold! 

So when he came home one day with a skateboard he'd found for a few dollars at goodwill, I was very happy for him. The kids were pretty pumped, too, especially after he showed them how to sit on the board and ride down the driveway! And I tried out a skateboard for the first time, ever. I was super awkward but it was pretty fun.

Random aside: Reed was playing with this broken piece of a water squirter for a solid 20 minutes. He discovered that he could put a pebble into the open end, then fling the pebble pretty much as far as he wanted to.

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Kayla Martin said...

He should bring it next time he comes (or vice versa) and he and Ben can skate together :)