Friday, April 15, 2016

Spring Break

My friend Krista and I were tentatively planning on atrip to St. George/Zion National Park during Spring Break. But after Lila's allergy issues in St. George in February, I wasn't so sure I wanted to spend an extended period of time in St. George at the height of allergy season, so I backed out of our trip. Krista came back with the idea that we could take a day trip to the beach--get up really early, drive to the beach, play all day, then drive home late. That's when I asked, "You know that Ryan's parents live in California, right?" She didn't know. We nixed the idea of a one-day trip and decided to spend a few days in California, woot woot!

The kids did awesome on the drive down. Tahoes are not known for being roomy, and when the third row of seats is up the trunk space is non-existent, so we were pretty crammed in--but everyone was a good sport and there wasn't even much fighting! The worst part of the drive was when Lila threw up, but even that was resolved quickly and relatively painlessly.

When we got to California, Janelle and her girls came right over because they are awesome like that. Then all the kids played while the adults got to hang out and chat for a while! I love that Janelle's girls included Krista's kids so naturally and that they all just had fun! At the end of the trip, both boys said that their favorite thing about going to California was seeing their cousins, which totally warmed my heart. That night, we got to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa, too, which we loved!

The next day was our beach day. We decided to go to the Marina Park beach so that we could play in the sand, water, and on the zip line. When we got there, though, there was really no beach to speak of! We did some online research and found out that harsh winter storms had eroded much of the beach! Well, we weren't going to let that ruin our day. We played on the zip line, which everyone loved--even Krista and I took a turn!--then we played on the park for a while. Once everyone was "starving" (as they all were about every 45 minutes throughout the entire trip!) we enjoyed a picnic lunch.

After lunch, we drove to Eric and Mary's beach house and thoroughly enjoyed "their" beach. Silver Strand is a perfect beach for kids to play on. There is a ton of sand and the waves aren't too crazy. The little girls literally spent hours digging. The other kids spent their time seeing how much garbage they could pull out of the ocean! They made quite the collection, which included copious amounts of seaweed, an orange, a chunk of bell pepper, and a square piece of metal with a hole in it that Asher was quite proud of. The kids and I dug a channel from the sand all the way down to the ocean but, unfortunately, we couldn't get water to run through the channel--the water kept soaking right into the sand. We had fun trying, though! Once we were all quite worn out, we grabbed a quick dinner, then drove back to Grandma's.

On our finaly day, we had trouble deciding where to go but eventually settled on the California Science Center. Cleaning and packing up took much longer tan planned, so we got to the CSC just about lunch time. We had a picnic outside, then went in to enjoy the exhibits! The CSC is gigantic and free and super cool. The boys loved checking out BodyWorks, because we'd never seen that section before even though we'd been a few times before. Lila was particularly fond of touching the star fish. Everyone had fun exploring. The only bad moment was when we thought we were all together, headed down the stiars--then at the bottom of the stairs, after a quick head count, we realized Asher was missing! I raced back up the stairs and found him sobbing, still in the last exhibit! He was so upset but, thankfully, calmed down quickly, and was able to have a conversation later about what to do when you get lost. I'm so glad he was okay and that we found him quickly!

Krista and I knew we needed to get on the road, so we had everyone in the car and ready to leave at 3:30, figuring we'd get home around 8:30. Well. WE WERE WRONG. As it turns out, we left at an awful time. We were literally in stop and go traffic all the way until Victorville! I remember at one point, we'd just turned on to a new free and I saw a sign that said the time until the freeway we were looking to go on next was 35 minutes. That next freeway was 9 miles away and I thought that surely the sign must be exaggerating. The sign was not exaggerting. The 9 miles took us 41 minutes!!! 

We were all about to explode by Victorville, so we stopped at a McDonald's and leisurely ate dinner. The kids were so antsy and had SO much bottled up energy! Finally, we decided to brave the car again. We let them start another movie, but after about 30 minutes changed our minds and it was lights out for the kids. Thankfully, they all fell asleep relatively quickly. And thankfully I had Krista to chat with so I'd stay awake, because we didn't get home until 11:30! Our 4.5 hour drive took 8 hours! What a night mare. (And on a funny/not funny side note, when I drove to St. George two weeks later I was stuck behind an awful wreck in Vegas that took AN EXTRA HOUR to get through. I'm cursed.)

We all survived the trip home, and the trip itself was definitely worth any misery in the car on the way home. Thanks for the fun trip, Krista!

Thay wanted to match :)


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