Thursday, April 14, 2016


My sister is currently pregnant with her first baby, and everyone is pretty excited, so of course we had to throw a baby shower for her! All the sisters congregated in St. George for the weekend festivities. My kids were in heaven. Lila and Maliya (or Lee-wuh, as Lila pronounces it) were the cutest little BFFs I have ever seen! Lynnie bought two backpacks on our girls' shopping outing, and Maliya and Lila proceeded to wear the backpacks around non-stop for the next two days, usually playing "bus." Lila has never played so well with anyone! She had the best time, ever. And, in addition to playing with Maliya, she got to fawn over "baby" Madison (who is almost 2). Lila loves babies and loved Madison. Reed and Asher were also super pumped because they got to play with Cole! I hardly saw the three of them all weekend because they were always off on one adventure or another. There was a bit of fighting (mostly over feelings hurt about kind of being left out) but overall, they had so much fun. My cousin Becky and her three girls came down for the shower, too, so we had a houseful of family!

The shower turned out great--especially since we didn't communicate super well on the planning end--and lots of friends and ward members came to shower Kayla with love. I'm glad we got to have such a great weekend with family! The only thing that could have made it better was Ryan's company--instead of being with us, he was home working a 90-hour work week (eek). 

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Ashleigh Cramer said...

I have some serious hair envy of your sister's hair. Talk about hair goals!!