Friday, April 1, 2016

Sunday Best + Hijinks

So one of my failings as a mom is not buying everyone matching outfits for holidays. I would like to be a mom who does this, but for whatever reason, I just don't. Ryan did save the day for Lila by finding the most adorable little dress for her (the day before Easter!) that perfectly matched a pair of yellow shoes that she just barely grew into, so there was that. 

Anywho, everyone smiled and all that jazz for a few pictures. Then Ryan got a hold of the camera, and he's more fun than I am. Evidence below. Also, at one point, Asher bumped into the door behind him and, since the door wasn't closed securely, it popped right open and Asher stumbled into the house. The kids were cracking up. It was hilarious. I tried to get pictures and the first few are blurry, but a few good ones are below!

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