Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The First Half of April Beast in Pictures

Asher loves fire poles. SO MUCH. We generally have betwwen 10-20 minutes to wait for Bub after school, and Asher spends the large majority of those minutes on the fire pole. He is so dang strong, too, from all his fire pole-ing that he can hold himself in one spot without sliding down. Then he lets go with one hand and holds his entire body up with his one little arm! If he's not playing on the fire pole, he's using the free bars to hang upside down like a monkey.

Ryan surprised me with this awesome Harry Potter necklace! I love it. Lila also loves it, but is convinced that the "scar" is actually a tiny handle you hold on to when you hold the glasses up to your eyes.

Ryan was at the Goodwill Clearance Center one afternoon and happened upon a purple rocket bike. Lila currently has the red rocket bike that both boys used and has been fine with it, but Ryan knew she would die over a purple bike. He switched out some parts of the purple bike for the parts of her red bike that were in better shape while we watched conference. As soon as he was done, she hopped right on. I told her she needed to wait to ride until we were outside and she told me, "I just is DYING to ride this purple bike!" She is very pleased.

One day in art, Reed learned how to weave paper. He really, really wanted to show the rest of us, so that night we wove paper after dinner! Our paper weaving turned out pretty cool, I think.

One night I went to check on Jae to discover that she'd made herself a cozier spot with a few pillows. Also, she usually goes to bed wearing pajamas and often is either in underwear only or in just a top or bottom when I go check on her!

Ashie was particularly tired this shopping trip and told me he didn't mind if I covered him with we went with it! Surprisingly, I filled the cart with two weeks' worth of groceries and only had to put a few folders on top of him!

I just really loved this outfit.

Lila has decided that she wants a ton of keychains on her backpack. She currently has collected two. One day during his M and A time, Ashie thought it would be fun to make a new keychain for her--so thoughtful! I did the starting knot and first two stitches, then he did the rest by himself while I worked on a bracelet for him.

Sometimes the boys stuff their shirts full of pillows or blankets, then push against each other until someone falls over!

At the end of a doozy of a week (Ryan worked 90.5 hours!!!) we met up for dinner and a drive-in movie! We saw Zootopia, which was super cute.

 One day Jae fell off a chair and into a book shelf. The resulting bruise was a perfectly straight line in the dead center of her forehead.

 This is totally random, but we went to the caselot sale and completely filled our alternate pantry--this is the cupboard we had to re-assign to food storage the first time we shopped a case lot sale! I've been focusing a lot on emergency preparedness, so this full cupboard was exciting for me!

 We planted a garden! Our first harvest was plentiful :) The kids were super cute, though, literally checking a few times each day to see if our two strawberries were ripe enough to pick!

I made a batch of cinnamon rolls for a friend and they were literally my most perfect batch of cinnamon rolls, ever! I mean, look how beautiful they are!

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