Friday, May 6, 2016

Dadvent Week 2

Dadvent day 8: a Mad Lib! The kids are obsessed with Mad Libs, so everyone was pumped.  

Dadvent Day 9: A package from China! Ryan found a new website called that sells a variety of items for very low prices. The only catch is that the items ship from China and generally take around 6 weeks to get to you. By that point, you have kind of forgotten what you're waiting on, so opening the package is a surprise! Ryan has ordered a pretty good amount of things now and the kids are always excited to see a "package from China" in the mail. When one such package came, they asked, "If this is for the Dadvent can Dad give it to us TONIGHT?!" Done. The package from China was a vinyl quote for their wall! 

Dadvent Day 10: Coupons for one-on-one time to do anything (within reason) with Dad. Redeemable after tax season, of course.

Dadvent Day 11: Another Mad Lib!

Dadvent Day 12: Nitro Grinders! Not pictured. Lo siento. They're little cylinders (about an inch tall) with wheels on the side that are super fun to send zooming across the floor. We spent the day having races and building sick ramps for the Nitro Grinders to go down.

Dadvent Day 13: A video from Dad telling a (true) story about a visit to the dentist! (Which only makes sense when you know that the kids all had dentist visits that day)

Dadvent Day 14: Sick bricks! These were doubly cool because the boys got to enjoy building the three mini sets, then combining the mini set into one big set. And then I told them there was a sick bricks app that you got to scan your creations into and they were just all sorts of excited. Lila was just happy they came with a princess.

Poorly Drawn Pig, as mentioned, became our Dadvent mascot. One day, the boys drew their own PDPs for Dad!

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