Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Saying Yes

One of Ryan's goals lately is to say "yes" more often. Like when he and the kids were leaving the Science & Technology Expo and the kids wanted to roll down the gigantic grassy hill on the way to car--Ryan said yes. I've adopted this goal, too, partly out of situational proximity (because who wants to be the jerk that changes the "yes" to a "no") and partly because I've realized that sometimes I say "no" for no good reason. Saying yes involves more spontaneity and generally more messes, but it's also provides a lot more fun and creates more memories. And now I'll step down from my soap box. I didn't realize I felt so passionate about this topic.

Anyway, last weekend when it started to rain, the kids dared Ryan and I to run through the rain. We were getting lunch ready at the time, so we tabled the idea for a few minutes. Then we ate lunch in the garage, with the garage door open, because that's what you do when you don't have a covered porch and want to experience the rain without getting wet. Then Ryan asked the boys if they wanted to go ride bikes on our street. IN THE RAIN. Um, yes. I stayed in the garage for a bit, enjoying their joy, then went out to join them. Eventually, we decided to walk/ride to the "circle place"--the cul-de-sac at the bottom of the road that enters our neighborhood--for more room to ride. Ryan and the boys experimented with braking in the water and riding fast through the water to see how much they could splash. Lila and I hopped in the gutter and took slo-mo videos. We had a fantastic time. We were even rewarded for our spontaneity by a ridiculously bright and gorgeous full double rainbow. I couldn't get over the amazingness (not a word, but an apt descriptor) of said rainbow and took at least 20 pictures that are essentially identical.

I'm glad we said yes and thankful to Ryan for being a good example to me and helping me to loosen up every once in a while!

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