Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Monthly Asher 65-66

I always feel kind of guilty when I miss a "monthly" post. I mean, intellectually, I know that one day the kids AREN'T going to come up to me and say, "Mom! You missed my monthly post when I was 65 months old. What's the deal, lady?!" (At least they better not even come up to me and say that, or Ryan may have to ask them why his wife is crying). But the irrational part of me worries that they will think I didn't love them or something. So, children, for the record, I LOVE YOU. Phew. I'm glad that's out of the way.

When we go shopping, Asher is in charge of the list! He does a great job. When we get to an aisle, I tell him what section we're in and he reads all the items we need to me. Then he checks each off as I put it into the cart. Lately, he has wanted to ride IN the cart with our two weeks' worth of groceries, and has told me, "I like don't care if stuff is on top of me!" So we pile the stuff around him, then go on top a bit if we need to, and he doesn't complain a bit! I'm truly going to miss his help when he starts school in the fall.

So, Asher's 65th and 66th month of life were actually quite similar to his 63rd and 64th month of life, but I am going to attempt to kind of recap them anyway. Probably mostly through pictures.

Teaching sis to climb

I try to keep notes in my phone of when the kids say funny things. I type in shorthand because I'm trying to be quick, an dI often don't include context because "I'll remember what happened. HA. One such note in my phone tells me that Asher said, "Look at this newborn grass!" I don't know what newborn grass we were looking at, but it's sure a cute thing to say!

We were listening to a song that I love. The chorus says "shine the light" a few times and Asher asked, "Why does this song say, 'Eat the rice'?" hahahahaha.

Pajamas were on super clearance, so we got some 4Ts for Lila for next year. So, naturally, Asher decided to try a pair on.

Asher has randomly started talking like a baby on occasion. He thinks it's hilarious and it kind of is.

We've been reading the scriptures as a family most nights and Asher has started taking more and more turns reading! Reading the scriptures has improved his reading so much. It's amazing how much his reading fluency has increased in such a short time.

And, speaking of reading--Asher is me. As a child, I'd read all the time--walking around the house, during lunch, while showering (not joking)--ALL THE TIME. Asher is now the same way. It hasn't occured to him to take a book in the shower yet, but I feel like that's an advanced technique so I haven't suggested it, either. At the beginning of the year he set a goal to read 12 chapter books this year. He's already read 33 Magic Treehouse chapter books and quite a few other chapter books, too! He loves Magic Treehouse books and it is not uncommon for him to finish a book in one day. He can very often be found curled up somewhere with a book.

Asher checks light pole covers everywhere we go in hopes that he'll find a geocache. One day, he actually did! We were all shocked. 

If he's not reading, Asher can most likely be found playing the piano. I wasn't sure he was ready to start piano lessons, but he proved me wrong. He loves the piano. By the day after his lesson, he already has all his new songs memorized. He plays all day long and has even started making up his own songs. I love this so much.

Asher is super strong. One day he asked me to feel his muscles and I did--and was quite surprised to find that I was feeling a very strong flexed bicep! He can pick Reed up. Reed thinks it's hilarious that Asher is stronger than him and often challenges Asher to do things. One thing involved laying on the ground with Reed pining Asher, then Asher chanting "Be cool, be strong!" while he pushed Reed off of him!

Lila and I went on a date to IHOP while the boys were gone. We took a selfie--which was mostly just us and a little of the booth--and sent to the boys. Asher told Ryan, "That's IHOP! I recognize it!" He'd been there once, four months ago.

This is "be cool be strong"

Asher takes his role as Lila's big brother very seriously. He watches out for her and can always be counted on to help her. One day, she decided she wanted to start collecting keychains for her backpack. He took all the keychains off his backpack and gave to her, then during mommy and Asher time decided to make a keychain for her instead of doing something for himself! The other day, Lila got in trouble for not listening (for the millionth time that day) and was having an absolute meltdown. Ryan and I were letting her "cry it out" after checking on her a time or two, and Asher was SO concerned--he kept asking about her and wanting to know if we knew she was crying. What a sweet brother!

We made banana ice cream and he loved it!

Asher is super proud of his Forbuss shirt and I am so glad we got him his own! He's been wearing his shirt every spirit day. Last Friday, he and Reed matched shirts and shorts, then talking Lila into wearing Reed's old Forbuss shirt, too. They told me to call them "the blue and green buddies."

 Apparently he was hungry.

 Finding a geocache.

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