Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Monthly Lila: 38 & 39

 Lila is a ham. She knows she's funny and totally plays to an audience. She loves dancing crazy and saying funny things because she knows the rest of us will laugh. 

We were going through Lila's winter clothes and pulling out her summer clothes, and I had her try a few things on to be sure they fit. She did a crazy pose in each outfit, wanting me to take a picture. Silly girl!

I've mentioned before that Lila loves her babies. Lately, she's been even more of a little mama then ever before. She's been carrying Bitty Baby and Tiny Baby (those are their names, haha) around the house and taking care of them. Bitty goes in the stroller with Purple Bear (we are all about the creative names in our family). Tiny goes in the shopping cart. I'm in charge of pushing Tiny because apparently SHE JUST LOVES ME SO MUCH. According to Lila. And yes, she does occasionally speak in all caps. Bitty loves Lila so much. And both her babies always give her smooches. Today, Lila was going to go downstairs and I was assigned the task of babysitting her babies. She carries around a backpack full of pillows and blankies for her babies, so before she left she set them up a little bed. Then she instructed me that if they started crying, I just needed to shake Bitty's rattle and they would calm down. She is totally serious about the whole thing and I love it!

In every picture lately she's doing something goofy, usually involving her hands.
Lila laid on my lap at church one Sunday, then popped up and told me, "You're my best coziest princess in the WHOLE WORLD!"

See what I mean? Also, this is her favorite outfit because it involves copious amounts of purple. Her favorite colors are pinkandpurple. Always said as one word.

The boys always want Lila to give them a hug and she hardly ever does. One day she told me, "Them is my boys and I don't like to give huggies!" 
Me: "Why?"
Lila: "Them is just crazy!"
In a similar vein, one day Lila told me she likes Daddy boy, but not her kid boys, because, "Them just ALWAYS TICKLE ME!"
At bed and naptimes, Lila likes to "trap" me. She locks her arms around me as tight as she can and usually says something along the lines of, "Mommy! You is TRAPPED! You are never getting out again!" She also loves when we trap each other, then she counts 1, 2, 3 and we yell "Trap!" Repeat times ten, at least.

Reed told Jae he loved her. She said," I already know that." Happily she followed up with, "I love you too bubba!"
Asher taught Lila to hang upside down at the playground, and now it's one of her favorite things to do.

Another quote: I need my super big princess! It is you mommy! I is the tiny princess and you are the big princess!

We recently registered Asher for kindergarten, and since then Lila has been asking when Kindergarten is going to start--because she just wants to be girls team with me, haha. She is also pretty excited to start "Buddy School" because Mommy is going to be her teacher. 

Lila loves having her nails painted. On this particular day she was extra excited because I had her stand on the table for her pedicure!

Lila has this drawstring backpack that has a towel sewn into it for swimming. We pulled it out the other day for the first time this season and she noticed the straps had yellow smiley faces all over them. She pointed that out by yelling, "Wow! Look at all these emojis!"

Lila loves when we babysit little friends, because they use her booster seat and she gets to use what she calls a "boy chair" (AKA regular chair). She is always totally content with going back to her seat, but she loves trading for a meal. One time, the baby had used the tray and Lila, who had forgotten the seat had a tray, was suddenly in love with the tray and used it every day for a week solid before deciding she wanted to be at the table again.

I put on tinted chapstick the other day and Lila told me, "Your lips look fancy!" And then she immediately wanted to put on her "lipstick." Girlfriend loves makeup.

Two legs. One leg hole.

While the boys were gone, Lila wanted to go out for dinner rather than eat home because, in her words, "That is just more fun."

Lila *can* put her underwear on by herself, but she always wants me to do it. Lately, I've been having her put on her underwear more, because that's one of those necessary skills in life. She has to sit down to put her underwear on, and she hates having a chilly bum from sitting on the tile--so she has been finding places to sit where her bum won't get chilly, like on the carpet or this stool.

 Tucked her lambie in!

A mark of her brothers' influence: a strong love for legos.
 Being brave with Ashie.

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I can't even choose my favorite quote of hers because they are just all so dang cute! Can't get over that girl!!