Friday, May 6, 2016

The Monthly Reed: 88-89

I've helped out in Reed's class a few times over the last few weeks and I have loved watching him in class and interacting with other kids. I'm so proud of him. There are many times when his teacher has to remind his class to take the noise down a few notches or to stay on task, but Reed (generally) doesn't need the reminders. And I don't think that's just because I'm there! Rules are important to him. I love that he sets a positive example for his group.
At the children's museum

On another school note, when I asked Reed who he's been playing with at recess lately, he told me he's started playing with Isabelle--who chases him, trying to catch and tickle him. Hahahahahaha. I just find this so hilarious. 

One day I played the song "heart and soul" for the boys on the piano. They were impressed that I didn't need music and I mentioned that I knew it by heart. Reed asked, "What other songs do you know out of your heart?" He's getting past the age where he says funny things on accident, so this one was really fun for me.

Reed is always the best sport/the most engaged in Family Home Evening. He helps a lot with the lessons and gives great answers to questions!

I've made a goal to do something fun before we settle in for homework after school. Reed's favorite fun thing to do is ride bikes. The other kids and I don't usually ride bikes without him (why?), so you'd think they'd be excited, too; but he's always the most pumped and the first to ask, "Are we riding bikes today?" I've started granting more freedom to him and Asher. They were both getting bored of our street, so now they can ride down our street, around the corner, down the cul-de-sac behind us, and up the street that intersects ours again. They love the added space. One day they'll want more freedom and I'll be in trouble--there's only one more street in our neighborhood, and it's the main street with the most traffic so I'm not sure I want them riding there alone! We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. They like to set up courses--like down our driveway, down our street, back up our driveway, ride through the gravel on our side yard, ride down the street behind us, back to our street, back up our gravel, and down the driveway. I'm impressed they can remember so many directions at once.

Reed is doing really well at the piano. He gets frustrated easily, though, and often decides during his lesson--when he's playing a song for the first time, ever--that he CAN'T play the new song. No way he'll ever get it down. This week he's had a particularly hard set of songs, so I've sat with him during his first two practices to help him through. And he's totally getting it! He wants to be perfect from the beginning and that's just not realistic. I'm hoping that in addition to learning to play the piano he can learn that some things take work--and that's okay!

Reed has discovered a new book series that he absolutely loves! He is a good reader, but doesn't often choose to read during his leisure time. I think this is in part because he reads every morning for school and he spends so much time at school he doesn't have a lot of time at home to do other things. Anyway, last week we decided to try the "I Survived" series. He read three books in four days! I love it.

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