Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Hill by our House

Ryan found out about a short hike that starts just next to Reed's school. The path starts on a relatively steep incline, but once you get up the hill, the path is mostly flat with a few small rolling hills and great views of the valley. Last week, we decided to venture up the path! This hike was Lila's first hike outside the hiking carrier. After about 6 minutes, she decided she was tired and asked me to carry her. I told her how strong she was and how she needed to be a hiker. Something in those words clicked with her and she hiked the rest of the hike! She kept saying variations of, "I'm just a hiker girl! I is so strong! Feel my muscles!" She even offered me her hand to hold in case I fell. I was really proud of her being so tough on her first hike!

Another highlight was the crazy lizard we found, dubbed "Baby Black." (Side note: when Baby Black grows up he is to be called "Big Boy Gus"). The lizard was small, but wide, and unlike any lizard we've seen in the wild before. He was super cool! Lila was really, really worried about him after we left, though, asking, "Where is his mommy and daddy? What if he never finds them and is all alone?" On the way back down the trail, we saw an animal burrow. The boys commented that this burrow could belong to Baby Black and his parents. Lila was so pumped, "Yay! Hooray! He found him mommy and daddy!" 

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