Friday, June 3, 2016


This is how we photo dump.

Ryan goes to conferences for work occassionally and the kids are always pumped about his conferences because he generally brings home swag. At the most recent conference, he brought home a light-up rose pin (in Asher's hand), cool wooden guys, light up balls, a bluetooth speaker, AND A SELFIE STICK. We own a selfie stick (!!). This is going to be awesome.

One day I walked down the stairs to find the two of them happily and cutely reading a book together.

A more hilarious Felfie.

I got an (expensive) MRI that showed...NOTHING. My poor knee. Then Dr. Google and I realized that perhaps my knee pain was due to my dang feet. I bought an inexpensive pair of arch supports and the majority of my knee pain went away almost immediately. Oi vey. I'm still not 100%, but more hopeful than I've been in a long time.

Cutest little mama.

We were at the park with no splash pad plans when Asher told me he was pretty sure his swimming suit was in the car. It was. Lila's swimming shirt was, too--but no bottoms. She didn't mind going in with her jeans! The two of them were so cute in the water, particularly in the middle of this circular water trap that had Lila nervous and Asher giggling.

Reading the scriptures.

Matching squinty eyes.

I'm not above taking something out of my neighbors' trash pile. So when I saw four patio chairs with seat covers that were in much better shape than our seat covers, you'd better believe I went and took them right out of the trash pile!

Dolly's feet grew again! We had two pairs of tennis shoes in the closet that she was super pumped to finally fit in to.

One day, Ryan and Lila will dance to the song "Isn't She Lovely" at her wedding. It's always been their song. So when I saw the most adorable "Isn't She Lovely" print on etsy, I had to get it!

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