Saturday, June 4, 2016

Field Day

Reed really wanted me to come to field day, sos I found a babysitter and signed up to volunteer! We didn't really realize that you could go watch field day without volunteering and that, if you volunteer, you are stuck at one station and can't follow your child's class around. I didn't get to see Reed's first half of field day, and when he was at a station near mine he asked where I had been--I think he thought I had just got there! I explained and he believed me, I think. Anyway, he had a really great time at field day. His first station was a water break station, which he thought was hilarious, and his favorite games were hockey and the cup stack race. Incidentally, the cup stack race was the game I was helping with.

After field day, I got to stay and eat lunch with Reed, which was fun! We had a great day.

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