Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mother's Day

Mother's Day this year was super fun and super relaxing. The whole weekend was really just great and I loved spending time with my little 5 family. I woke up early, but thought I had slept in. Ryan and I have a big, graphic clock on our wall that I love the look of. The only problem with our huge clock is that sometimes the time on the clock is kind of unclear. On Mother's Day morning, I woke up, noticed Ryan wasn't in bed, and glanced at the clock. I was fairly positive that it was 7:20--which is sleeping in for us! I hopped out of bed and into the shower, knowing I needed to get moving since church starts at 8:30. I quickly showered and blew my hair dry, then glanced at the clock again--7:50! Why wasn't Lila  awake yet? I decided to wake Lila so she'd have time to eat before church. We got downstairs, where I found out Reed was sleeping, too. I remarked that I'd better wake him up so we'd get to church on time and Ryan told me that we had plenty of time because it was only 6:50. Oops. My bad. 

Once Reed did wake up, we ate the delicious meal of whole wheat, strawberry-topped waffles! Asher chopped all the strawberries by himself. After breakfast, we opened presents because the kids were dying for me to see what they'd made. Can we take a minute here and just talk about how great a gift giver Ryan is? He didn't want to "just" buy me something, so he took pictures of the kids holding the letters to spell out "we love mom." How sweet is that? The kids were just as sweet. Lila made me a card that she colored. She dictated the message to Ryan, and it said how she loved playing dollies with me and she loved just hanging out with me. Awwwwww. The boys' card had a person giving another person TNT on the front. Inside was a picture of a black widow spider. And on the back was a warning that the card might not be good for Mother's Day if your mom is scared of spiders. Hahahahaha, it was awesome.

At church, the men did not take over the primary, which was kind of a gift in itself--that always stresses me out. The kids sang in sacrament meeting, which was really sweet. And I got to be with all my primary kids, which is always a little bit crazy but mostly great :)

After church and lunch, it was naptime for Lila, quiet time for the boys, and reading time outside for Ryan and I. The weather was glorious and it was seriously one of the most relaxing afternoons I've spent in a long time. Later, Ryan made my favorite for dinner (risotto) while the kids and I played together. The whole day was just relaxing and happy and truly one of my favorite Mother's Days to date. I'm so grateful for my three sweethearts and for my loving husband. They are my life. I have a hard time adequately expressing my feelings about motherhood without sounding trite. You'd think that, being a person who enjoys writing and was an English major in college, I'd be fantastic at expressing myself through writing. But I'm not. I will say that motherhood has been the hardest thing I've ever done--but also the most rewarding thing I've ever done. I find my most significant identity in being their mom. I can't imagine spending my days in any other way than with them. I'm so grateful that I get to stay home with them. I'm so grateful for the love they give me. And I'm so grateful for everything I've learned from being a mother.

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