Friday, July 1, 2016

The Monthly Asher: 67-68

One day we were babysitting a little girl from the ward and she and Asher were playing together upstais. I came up and overheard him saying, "Do you want to know how tall my dad is? He's so tall that when he's standing up he can still kiss me (in his bunk bed). And I have a cousin that weighs 150 pounds." I just loved the things he was "bragging" about--super funny!

A few times over the past 4-5 months Asher has woken up in the night feeling queasy. He ends up spending the night in our bed, throwing up literally every twenty minutes. He usually throws up 6-7 times, poor thing. We have a system where he lays with me and I wake up to him making a worried noise. I hold the bucket under him, he throws up, I give him a cup of water to use to rinse, then I go rinse the bucket. After he's thrown up over and over with no sign of stopping, suddenly, he just stops throwing up. And in the morning he feels completely fine and acts totally fine, too! It's very odd. Anyway, this throwing up phenomenon happened just a few days ago. After he'd thrown up three or four times, he said, "I am not having a great night." Then, when I asked him if he wanted to rinse, he said, "Yes. The taste in my mouth is awful." I don't know why exactly but him using the word "awful" was really cute.

At the Marionette show at the library

Ryan and Reed really like riding their bikes in the desert. Asher doesn't really like riding his bike in the desert but he hates being left out. Usually, he is sure he wants to go with them so he goes along, but then ends up crying a lot. The last time they went, though, he did great! He told Ryan, "I didn't even let one tear out!"

He got a little worn out. According to him, he was just "resting my eyes."

We've beend oing piano lessons for a while now, so one day I decided to ask Asher if he liked piano lessons. He told me he did. Then, when I asked if there was anything he didn't like about piano lessons, he responded, "The writing part." I asked why and he said, "Because I don't get to play the piano for that part!" 

I asked Asher to lay out the pennies we had so we could send a picture to Ryan. He came up with this great pattern on his own.

He really does love the piano and lately can't seem to walk past the piano without stopping to play for a few minutes. He memorizes most of the songs he plays because he plays them over and over again. One of the things he likes to do is to take the songs he has memorized, then play the same note pattern on a different set of notes. (Like instead of C, D, E, he'll play F#, G#, A#.) Some of the songs he's made up this way have ended up sounding better than the originals!

Fixing bikes with Daddy

One day Reed and Asher were upstairs. From the sounds, some kind of scuffle ensued. Then we heard Asher yell gleefully, "Never fight a five year old!"

Asher decided to enter the lego magazine contest this month. He worked really hard on his "summer fun pool party." He has anxiously been counting down the days until the end of the contest. On the day of the entry deadline, he checked the mail and asked, "Where's my lego set?!" (The winner gets a lego set.) I explained that just because the contest ended that day didn't mean they'd picked a winner. Hopefully he wins, but if not we will try again next month! 

One night Asher came to get me around 2 or 3 a.m. He was sure there was a spider web on his pillow and didn't want to lay down in case a spider appeared. He was clearly still mostly asleep and in no place to listen to logic, so I grabbed my norwex cloth, wiped his pillow down, and told him it was taken care of it. He happily climbed back into bed and fell right back to sleep.

This picture is a few months old, but I recently found it on my phone and love it! Asher and Cole are great buddies.

Asher finished the Magic Treehouse series! There are 54 books and he read every single one of them. A new book in the series is being released this month and we are already first on the waiting list for it. He has loved Magic Treehouse books so much and we are both pretty sad to be at the end of the series. He has just recently started a new series that he's liking a lot (though not as much as MT, I think), called "My Weird School." He's read the first four books so far and really likes them. And, happily, there are also a ton of books in this series, so he should be occupied for a little while.

CHOCOLATE! is Asher's favorite
Asher is generally a really good sport with Lila. We were at Wet n' Wild the other day and she wanted to go on the baby slide, so he went with her. At the bottom, she was unstable and reached out to grab on to him. He put his arm around her and gently helped her through the water and over to the stairs. I trade babysitting with a friend so we can both volunteer at the school, and my friend told me that when she gives them a snack he makes sure to ask if there are peanuts in it for Lila. They also fight like you wouldn't believe, but their relationship is a pretty special one.

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