Friday, July 1, 2016

The Monthly Lila: 40&41

I would just stop doing these monthly posts since I'm obviously failing at them lately...but the kids LOVE reading about themselves. They crack up over the posts from when they were tiny. And the post from last month. They are their own biggest fans and I'm not about to mess with that!

Me: Who's my girl?
Lila: the one in the princess jammies!
Me: Is it you?
Lila: You got it!

One day Lila told me, I came to rescue you! It is a cuddle rescue."

Reading her babies a story

We saw a lot of cows on our drive to Tahoe. Lila told us, "I think the big ones are mamas. And the extra big ones are dadas!"

We were walking and Lila was hopping. She said, dejectedly, "I was trying to hop over my shadow but it just kept walking."

She chose a purple watch with her Dadvent geek gift card. She about died of happiness when it came.

"Mommy I have a secret and I is not telling you! You know how there is talking secrets and hiding secrets? This is a talking secret!" (I think hiding secret refers to when she makes something for us and hides it under her pillow, where as talking secrets are something she won't tell you.)

While watching the playoffs: "Mommy do you like basketball games? I do not! Them is so annoying!"

I asked Lila to take the plastic off a head of broccoli (she was dying for a job). Her response: "Mommy I don't know if I can open it but I will try! I will use my strong muscles!"

Me: Both the boys are being snotty
Lila: But not I. Cause I is the helper.

Me: Lila daddy is cheering for you. 
Lila: Oh wonderful! >>>>>Pause<<<<<<< My wonderful means I'm comin'. What does your wonderful mean?

On our hike, we found a small black lizard the kids named "Baby Black." On our way down the mountain, Lila was really concerned about Baby Black. She asked, "What if that black lizard never finds his mommy and daddy and can never go home."

(Speaking to me) "Ooh la la! Are you wearing lipstick? Your lips look fancy!"

We like to keep track of cute/funny mispronunciations the kids say at very ages. Here are a few of Lila's: cheykain (keychain), kano (piano), ooo-jee (usually), kick (quick), lay! (yay), bido (video), ban-deed (bandaid)

I would like to note that Lila's speech has improved so incredibly much! She's worked hard at it and I'm so proud of her. She used to be unable to make the /k/ and /g/ noises. First, we learned how to make the sound. Then we worked on words with those letters as an initial sound, then as a middle sound, and finally as an end sound. Now she's totally assimilated them into her speech! We are currently working on sp blends (she just says the /p/--like "poon" instead of spoon). She also has an insanely expanding vocabulary. She says new things all the time and some of them just crack me up because she sounds so big! I'm proud of her hard work.

At one point, Lila convinced herself she couldn't lower the toilet seat. She was worried she'd smash her fingers. One day, Ryan showed her how, step by step. The next day, she didn't want to lower the seat, but I reminded her she knew how. She laughed, ran in and closed the seat, and said, "I could do it, I just needed daddy to teach me!" I've similarly been working on convincing her she can put her underwear on by herself by telling her she needs to know how so she can go to school in August. Now, if I attempt to put on her underwear for her, she tells me, "We need to practice for Buddy School, remember?!"

Lately, Lila likes to fill any bag she can find with a truly random assortment of toys from her room. She then carries the bag around the house for a day or two, never playing with the toys, until she tires of the bag and abandons it wherever she wants. I'm constantly finding her random containers with random toys in random places in the house.

Lila likes to be her baby dolls' momma. Today she cradled Bitty Baby and said, "I is your mommy bitty baby! Your mommy has you! Don't worry!"

Lila has a noise she calls her "cutest baby noise." It kind of sounds like, "Meeeehhhhhhh!" in a baby voice. It's really funny and she uses it when she wants me to acknowledge that she is so tiny and is my baby (like when we are cuddling). She also has a happy noise. It reminds me of Curious George's happy noise and other than that is not describable. It is a sound of pure joy and bursts from her any time she hears something that makes her happy--which is generally several times a day. We all try to replicate it. No one can get the noise quite right. Interestingly, she does the worst imitation of her own noise!

If we are talking about something Lila doesn't remember, she's ask, "Oh, was I a baby?"--even if it's something that happened last week.

Lila loves to accessorize!

Lila still likes to be held "like a baby" (cradled in my arms) when she's wrapped in her towel after a bath.

I think I've mentioned "trapping" before--it's when Lila grabs me super tight and won't let me leave her bed at bedtime? Anyway, there's a new variation to trapping. Now, we knock on the other person's back and they release us. We have this whole routine we do where we say, "1, 2, 3, TRAP! (while trapping) Knock, knock, knock (while knocking)" then we break apart and yell, "IT WORKED!" Then we crack up.

We recently found out that Lila got into the typical peer preschool program at the boys' school as a typical peer. This news means that all three of my children will attend the same school next year--what?! Anyway, she knows that her portion of the school has toys--so she's been calling it the "Toy Forbuss" or the "Playing Forbus."

 We tried on her new pairs of shoes and she was so excited we had to take a picture to send to Ryan.

When we ride bikes, she likes to ride to the end of our neighborhood, then sit on this little half-wall with me and hang out.

While we are there, she likes to take pictures of me

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