Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Monthly Reed: 90-91

Ryan read a quote or something that says something to the effect of when a person mispronounces a word, they likely learned the word by reading. The other day, Reed was talking about what they do at school in case of "in-cli-mate" weather (inclement weather). I thought of that quote right away--I think he probably learned the word from reading the schedule on the wall. Anyway, it's one of his few accidental mispronunciations and I find it to be super cute--and cool, because he learned the word by reading!
Red nose day at school
One day, we were at the park when I realized that Reed was singing "Praise to the Man" opera-style at the top of his lungs. It was hilarious and out of character--he'd totally do something like that at home, but not so much in public. I loved it. I also love that he knows all the words!

One day I told Reed, "I don't believe that for one minute." (in a teasing kind of way). He responded, "What do you believe it for? 59 seconds?" Smart alec.

Reed came up to me one time and said, "So mom you know how sometimes when you see our room and it's really messy you get mad? Just so you know it's pretty messy." I loved that he warned me it was super messy so I wouldn't be surprised and upset. He knows me too well!

One day Lila noticed that she and Reed were both wearing backpacks. She yelled, "Reedy! We are both wearing packies! LET'S TAKE A PICTURE!" He willingly complied. 

When we drop Reed off at school, Lila often decides--after he's already out of the car--that she NEEDS a hug from Reed. He is so sweet and will open her door, climb up, and give her a hug before he heads on his way. He's a sweet brother.

One night, we learned about keeping a journal, then read through our family trip scrapbook for FHE. Reed loved reading about our trip and wanted to read every single entry!

The other night I tucked Lila in without cuddling. The boys really wanted to cuddle, and I'd missed cuddling with them the night before, so we went for it. Lila, not surprisingly, started yelling, so Reed ran to see what she needed. He mentioned that we were cuddling together and she said, "But why didn't Mommy cuddle with ME?!" I told her I'd cuddle in a minute. The boys and I cuddled and chatted, then as I was leaving to go cuddle with Lila, Reed asked if I was mad he'd told her. He felt bad because he didn't know I hadn't cuddled with her. I wasn't mad at all (and really should have just laid with her in the first place) and told him so. He asked, "Are you sure?" I was. He is at an age where he can get a little self-absorbed so I really appreciate when he notices that the things he does affect others. He really is a sweet boy.

For emoji day at school, Reed made his own shirt! At first, I was helping him--I drew the poop emoji--but then he wanted to do it on his own and did great! The only other one I helped on here is the scorpion.

We were on a hike and found a tiny lizard. Asher proposed the name "Baby Black" and Reed said, "Yeah, and then when he grows up he can be Big Boy Gus!" Because everyone changes their name when they grow up.

Reed was awarded the Golden Rule award at school for the second year in a row. They choose one boy and one girl from each class twice a year (I think?), so it's kind of a big deal. To me at least. I love that this award even exists and I love that Reed is kind to his classmates.

This is the front side of the emoji shirt. He chose all the emojis to go on there. Isn't it awesome?!

Reed got a new book a the book fair called "Battle Bugs." Honestly, I was a little skeptical, but he was excited about it, so we went for it. He ended up loving the book--so much that when I was in the class helping one day, I'd notice he'd read a few sentences between each step of a project they were working on. He finishes things quickly, so has extra time, and he used it to read in small chunks--he just couldn't put it down!

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