Friday, August 26, 2016


One day, Ryan texted me from work to let me know it was Bring Your Own Container day at 7-11. We immediately decided that as soon as we finished dinner that night, we were going to 7-11. After much debate, we settled on the perfect container: a one-gallon pitcher. Once at 7-11, we filled our pitcher allllllll the way to the top (layered like this: sour patch juice--it wasn't frozen at the time--a lot of cherry, a drop of birthday cake, and a topper of blue raspberry. We paid our $1.50, then decided to go to the park to slurp our slurpee.

Now, usually Vegas in August is NOT pleasant. And really, the days are still not very pleasant but not as bad as July. Anyway, lately, the mornings and evenings have been quite pleasant indeed. I had been a little nervous to go have our slupee at the park for fear of melting, but my fears were unfounded. The weather was perfect for enjoying a gigantic slurpee. The kiddos played on the "chips" and came running back to us after each trip to the top for more slurpee. Ryan and I lounged on a bench and talked and slurped while the kids played. Eventually, we finished the entire confection (entire confection!) and were a little past bed time, so headed home.

We've had some perfect summer days lately. It's hard to believe that school is right around the corner!

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