Wednesday, August 31, 2016

First Day of School 2016

My first interaction of the day with Lila was her marching down the stairs yelling, “Mom, it is a school day!!! Do you know where my packie is?!” I told her where her backpack was and she yelled, “Okay, thanks, bye!” She’d already had Ryan help her put on the shirt she’d laid out the night before and, after locating her packie, went straight to the garage to grab her new shoes. We took off her shirt for breakfast—a special breakfast of waffles with strawberries and whipped cream—but she wore her shoes from the time she woke up until the time she got home from school! When we got to school, she (somewhat impatiently) waited while we dropped off the boys, and was happy to grab hold of the little ring-rope thing all the preschoolers hold to stay in line when we got to her drop-off. She went into school with no problem, blowing kisses as she went.

Asher was similarly excited—though truly, I’m not sure anyone could have been as excited as Lila. He bounced around all morning, so happy he could barely contain himself. He loved packing a lunch. And he told us he wasn’t nervous for anything, not even the bus. When we got to school, he had just a minute before the bell rang and, once it did, he walked right in without looking back! Ryan peeked in Asher’s class a minute later and Asher was at his desk, happily coloring.

Reed was not excited. I think he was fine with the school portion of the day, but he was very worried about riding the bus home. At Forbuss, the buses all have numbers but they also have colors (just a colored paper in the window) so it’s easier for the kids to remember which bus they ride. Well, we knew the number but we did not know the color of the bus yet and Reed was really worried he wouldn’t find the right bus. He was worried no one else in his class would be on his bus so he wouldn’t have a bus buddy to walk with. He was teary more than once. It took a bribe of a Hershey’s chocolate bar and a promise to re-visit and re-evaluate the bus decision after a week of riding to ease his mind. He also didn’t love that I was going to take him to his line in the morning, but then leave him before the bell rang so I could help Ryan with Asher’s and Lila’s drop-offs. Happily, I forgot school starts 10 minutes early this year, so when I dropped him off, the bell rang! He didn’t have to wait alone at all. I gave him a big hug, assured him again that the bus would be fine, and sent him to class.

My first day alone was interesting—I took Ryan to take his car to the auto shop, then took him to work, then got a text that a ward member needed help cleaning her house because she was moving that day. I didn’t spend any time at home alone, which I was fine with J It was nice to be able to get a text to help and just to go, without worrying about bringing any kiddos or trying to find someone to watch them!

Before long it was time to pick Lila up. She was excited to see me and happily gave her teacher a hug as she left. She was bubbling over with excitement in the car—they colored a picture (Mickey Mouse and a blank one), had a snack (goldfish), played on the playground, played in the toy school bus, etc. Her teacher told me Lila was a good helper and when I mentioned that Lila said, “Yeah, I told a kid who didn’t want to hold the rings that he should hold on!” She also asked if she could go back to school tomorrow! I surprised her with a lunch date at McDonald’s to celebrate her first day. She gets really loud when she’s excited, so we were quite a scene, but we had a fun time!

After Lila’s nap and some play time, it was time to get the boys! Lila rode her bike up to the bus stop and we waited. When they climbed off, they agreed that the bus really wasn’t a big deal and told me that (1) Reed’s friend Riley from kindergarten was in his class and on his bus, (2) a teacher came around during the day and gave them a wristband that corresponded to their bus color, (3) they were the first stop. Oh happy day. They both had a great first day.

First day items of note
(A) (R) and (L) were all quite excited to choose out their outfits and each was very particular about the bracelet they chose to wear to school.
(A) got to go to art for his special. He drew an owl in pencil to take home and one in crayon that the teacher was going to hang on the wall in the hall!
(R) had P.E. for his first special, where they just watched the safety video, which he was glad to get out of the way
(R) and (A) saw each other in the hallway a few times and waved to each other
(A) walked by Lila’s class (his is just down the hall) and saw Lila in there coloring
(R) had homework, but it was just a “me in a nutshell” bag that we filled with three items
(A)’s class watched a video about using the restroom. The boys died laughing when Asher said that at the end of the video, the girl raised her arms and shouted, “I did it!”
(R)’s classroom is in the same pod as Mr. Turney (his favorite technology teacher), Mrs. Sears (his first grade teacher), and Jamie (our teacher friend from church).
(A) had plenty of time to eat his lunch (he even had like 3 extra minutes) and it was tasty.
(R) can get a night off homework if he earns 25 class dojo points in a week (class dojo is a behavior tracking system)
(A) saw Maizey and Ryan (friends from church) on the playground and said hi.

After school, we picked up Ryan, grabbed his car, then went to Sweet Tomatoes to celebrate a great first day of school! After dinner, we joked about going to Target (it’s around the corner and Ryan and I always end dates there). The boys were not fans of the idea, but Lila was—so she and dad had a Target date while the boys and I went home and watched a few fun videos together.

Everyone was excited to go back for day two. Lila wore one of the new dresses she picked out at Target with Ryan, and the boys wore their new matching blue shirts, which totally warms my heart. I think it’s going to be a great school year!

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