Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fourth of July!

We've spent every year since 2009 in California for the Fourth of July. This year, though, it just wasn't in the cards--we'd just been out of town for 1.5 weeks for the family reunion, Reed was still in school, and the Fourth was on a Monday. So we resigned ourselves to a Fourth of July without California and resolved to have a great first Fourth in Vegas.

The boys were smiling at first, then decided to be like LJ haha!

We started our morning with our ward Fourth of July bike parade. A ton of kids from the ward came and they all had fun riding their decorated bikes around the parking lot in the blazing heat. And we all had fun consuming copious amounts of Otter Pops to try to cool off. On our way home from the parade, we were trying to figure out how to spend our day. We had toyed with the idea of going to Wet N’ Wild, but thought it would be super crowded, so had mostly decided not to go. But, upon realizing we had no other plans and it was only 10:00 a.m., we decided to go for Wet N’ Wild. We hurried home, changed, grabbed some snacks, and were out the door in 10 minutes. We got to Wet N’ Wild right as it was opening—and ran into the Giffords! We baby-swapped on a few big rides, which was really fun, then went our separate ways for a while. We ran into at least 3 other families from the ward as the day wore on. And, wonder of wonders, the park was not crowded. We got to go on a lot of rides together and really had a fun day.

Once the crowds did start to pick up a bit, we were all ready for a late lunch anyway, so we headed out. After we ate, we were totally wiped out, so we settled in for a movie. It was a little late to put Jae down for a nap, so we let her watch the movie. Before we knew it, though, she’d laid down and was fast asleep on the couch! She is not a child that sleeps outside her bed, so this was quite shocking.
When the movie ended and Jae had woken up, we headed outside to use our poppers. And, once those were done, we decided to do fireworks even though it wasn’t dark yet! We’d tentatively planned on meeting up with our ward again to do fireworks and then to watch city fireworks—but we were all exhausted, and we’d actually watched fireworks across the valley for the two nights before Fourth of July, and they weren’t meeting up for another hour or so—so we just did our fireworks in the “circle part” of our neighborhood. Another family came out and joined us and we had a great time, even though it was still fully light outside. Our sparklers were total duds and they were sweet to share all of theirs!

Eventually we made our way to bed—and heard fireworks going off for literally hours thereafter. We’ve never been in Vegas for Fourth of July before so had no idea how many people set off illegal fireworks. There were booms until the very early hours of the morning. Craziness!

Happy Fourth!

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