Thursday, August 11, 2016

Peace Out First Grade!


So year round school is a pretty good deal. I was a big fan of having all of October and all of February off. But, we drew the short straw with track assignments this year and ended up getting on the track that literally only had 10 days (including the weekend) off this summer. So we had track break in February, spring break in March, then only 10 days off in June--and we got out August 5th! Summer felt very loooooooong this year. But we made it! And we now have a second grader.

During the last week of school, we went to Reed's awards ceremony. He got awarded with exceptional citizenship and straight A honor roll, in addition to the Golden Rule award he'd earned earlier in the year. One of the fun things that Forbuss does is give out pins with their awards. Reed has all his on his Forbuss lanyard. He was pretty excited that this year's awards (minus Golden Rule) looked different than last year's and had a pretty good I-told-you-so moment over that: I'd assured him that they'd probably be the same. I was wrong.

So long, first grade! See you in two weeks, second grade!

 Lucas (Reed's best friend), Reed, Sarah, Fiona. He was friends with all these kids this year. He had a great class!

During the awards ceremony, Lila entertained herself.

Reed with Mrs. Sears, his teacher.

Apparently he had quite the growth spurt! Random aside: Reed noticed he didn't have his backpack on in the last day picture, but did in the first day picture--so we grabbed the backpack and took another!

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