Saturday, August 27, 2016

Shark Reef

Just like that, it was the last Friday of the summer. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at how quickly our “summer break” passed—the break was only 3 weeks long—but it still feels a little crazy that we start school THIS MONDAY. We started the morning off with breakfast on our "veranda" because the weather was GLORIOUS. Then, we went to our last ward activity for the summer: Shark Reef. We were all pretty excited because the last time Reed visited Shark Reef was in 2013 and the last time the other kids and I visited Shark Reef was in 2014! We had quite a large group from our ward and we had quite a lot of fun. One weird part of our visit was that I was literally the only mom there without a stroller. What?! Somehow I’ve transitioned out of that baby stage and into the older kids who can all walk by themselves and aren’t an escape worry stage.

Asher particularly loved the Komodo Dragon (and his drool) and the Zebra Shark. He was dying for me to get a picture of the zebra shark, and I actually ended up chasing the shark around the tank in a mostly vain attempt at taking a picture. Fun fact: zebra sharsk are born with stripes, but the stripes change to spots as they get older. Lila was most interested in the human divers in the shark tank! She followed them around the big tank room the entire time we were there. And Reed was really intrigued by the jelly fish. He asked me how they exist, since they don’t have brains or organs or anything. We ased our docent about them and learned that they have four stomachs and their stingers, in addition to their tentacles. And that’s basically it! So crazy.

After Shark Reef, it was time to go to school to meet our new teachers! Lila was SO PUMPED to go to her class. She’s been talking about it for days and wearing her backpack since we bought it last week. She was a little shy once we actually got into class, but I think she will warm up quickly when school starts. She is most pumped currently about a (large) toy bus in her classroom that has a chair inside and an opening door on top. Asher was also quite excited. His favorite part of his classroom—well, he has a lot of favorite parts! He likes that he has two sinks, a bathroom, AND a water fountain. He loves the “library” corner with the three camp chairs and one stuffed animal. He loved all the under-the-sea decorations. I think he is going to have a great year. And Reed is excited, I think, but pretty used to the whole back-to-school thing by now. He was a little antsy because he had to wait through the other kids’ classrooms, but when we finally got to his room he was happy to meet his teacher. We also found out that two of his Kindergarten classmates and two of his first grade classmates are going to be in his class again this year. His teacher seems really great—she sent him a card in the mail that we got today, which I thought was really cute.

And just like that, ready or not, here school comes!

P.S. I just blogged about something on the DAY IT HAPPENED. Mic drop.

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