Sunday, August 28, 2016

Slipping and Sliding

Another one of our RS summer activities was a giant slip n’ slide at Spring Mountain Ranch! Our ward happens to extend allllll the way out to SMR, and one of the rangers is a member—which means we often get to do fun activities out there. The slip n’ slide was one of our favorites to date!

I wore my swimsuit because I had a feeling the kids were going to try to talk me into going on the slip n’ slide, and I wasn’t totally opposed to slipping or sliding. And I was right—within minutes, they were asking me when I was going. I talked them into letting me play photographer and videographer for a bit before I got wet. After taking a picture and video of each child (and listening to Reed ask me approximately 64 times when I was going to slip n' slide), I went for it. I will say that I maybe went for it a little too enthusiastically and was a little bit sore when I stood up, but I did have quite a fun ride—and I did get quite the round of cheers from both the kids (I know them all from Primary J) and the moms (I was the first mom to attempt the slide!).

The kids loved the slip n’ slide. Asher was the first (of our family) to figure out the run and then jump onto your knees/hip combo. He got the furthest distances and once even made it all the way to the end! Reed had a few less successful runs until he figured out that he was jumping to his knees a little too soon—after that, he was solid. And even Lila, who started out by sitting on her bum and just being pushed, figured out the run and jump method! Also, side note: when I wanted to take Lila’s photo, Reed volunteered to be the one to push her OF HIS OWN VOLITION. What a sweetheart.
I wanted to try the knee method--everyone got so much farther going that way--but knew that would probably not be the best idea with my knee issues, so I went for a volleyball dive every time. (Also, ELEVEN years later and I can still do a great volleyball dive. Go me.)

After most of the kids were done sliding, the Denters surprised us all with lunchables! And then, as we were pulling out to leave, the Buxtons invited us and the deLespinasses over to swim and eat pancakes! We were not sad to accept that invitation. The Buxtons’ pool is a great size for kids—it’s only 4 feet deep—and the kids played and played until the pancakes were done. They demolished the pile of pancakes—even though they’d already had lunchables—then hopped straight back into the pool, only climbing out when rain started coming down. They were pretty worn out at that point anyway, so they headed inside and collapsed in front of a show until it was time to go home.

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