Thursday, August 25, 2016


A week after our weekend in St. George, Lynnie and her girls were going to be in St. George again. We knew we wanted to pop up for a visit while they were there, so looked over our summer calendar of awesomeness and decided the best time for us to go would be Thursday morning (Asher had a birthday party to go to Wednesday night) through Saturday night. But when I texted Lynnie Sunday right before dinner, I found out they would be leaving St. George Friday morning--so with our plan, we'd have one measly day with them. One day kind of defeated the purpose of us going up for a few days, so we quickly changed plans, at dinner, and drove to St. George that night! 

On Monday, we were going to go to the downtown river splash pad (our favorite) but it was CLOSED. For REPAIRS. Monday was the first day of school in St. George, so this timing made sense for St. George kids, but it was a little bit sad for us. Luckily, I remembered a splash pad and park we used to frequent when we lived in Bloomington and even remembered how to drive there! The kids had a ton of fun playing together and our family hit two huge milestones: Reed learned how to effectively push Lila in the swing (by himself, I didn’t even persuade him to try), and Asher learned how to effectively pump in the swing. As in he started himself and built up and maintained height! This is monumental. I watched the children swing and did not give a single push. What?!
After the splash pad, we had to stop at Judd’s, a local candy shop, because we’d been planning on stopping at Judd’s after the river splash pad. Judd’s happens to be a lot more convenient to the river splash pad (it’s across the street!), but it also happened to be on the way back to Grandma’s house. Randomly, Judd’s was way more packed than I’ve ever seen it. An Asian tour group filled the shop. It was crazy! But we got our treats without too much trouble and we even found a new treat called “Reed’s.” We chose rootbeer flavored Reed’s and they were delicious.

That night, Aunt Lynnie hosted FHE Olympics. Our events were the high jump, the shotput, the beanie baby toss, and gymnastics. Everyone was awarded medals and they all had a fantastic time playing. I think my favorite event was the high jump, mostly because it was hilarious to watch. After the Olympics, we tried out a new treat: campfire cones—which should have been called campfire fails. The idea is that you fill an ice cream cone with chocolate chips in marshmallows, wrap it all in foil, then stick it in the fire and let everything get gooey and delicious. Our ice cream cone bottoms were burnt and the tops were mushy. We settled on filling new cones with treats and not roasting them.

On Tuesday, we wanted to have a Grandma’s house day. We stuck around her house, tried out a craft Lynnie and I had picked up at the store, checked out books from “Grandma’s Library,” and turned the Ty Store into a cozy reading nook. I’m pretty sure I forgot to mention the Ty Store in my last St. George post, so let me explain. When we were in St. George for the baby blessing, I woke up one morning, went into the big room to check on the kids, and found that they’d taken it upon themselves to organize Grandma’s under-the-stairs toy storage. This area used to be a play area for Kayla long ago, but had since been filled with toys and not super useable. They made Grandma a pile to donate, a pile to toss, and a pile to keep. I asked if Grandma had told them they could organize the area and they said, “Nope! But Hailey did!” Well, Hailey is 12 and practically an adult, so I followed their reasoning. After they had the area cleared, the organized shelves of beanie babies and passed out fake money to the adults, who they had take turns coming and purchasing items from the Ty Store. There were arrows down the stairs and hall leading us to the store and, my favorite, an “employees only beyond this point” sign hanging by their storage area. Hailey was in charge and I believe at one point Cole was fired and later re-hired. They made a terrific mess for Grandma (sorry, Mom!) but had fun playing in their store all weekend long.

Anyway, this week, the boys laid down a floor of pillows and beanie babies and turned the Ty Store into their reading nook. I found them in there reading a few times, which I found to be super cute.

On Wednesday, we spent a few hours in the morning at the Children’s Museum. I was really glad to have cousins with us, because Lila and the boys always want to do different things—so this time I could send Lila with Lynnie and her girls for a bit while I took the boys somewhere else. The boys mainly just wanted to play with the projected game board. It projects interactive games on the floor where you have to stomp on bugs or move puzzle pieces with your feet or whatever. The little girls wanted to do a little bit of everything. They all had a great time.

That afternoon, we painted bird houses. Everyone enjoyed that activity for a good solid amount of time, which is always nice. And before too long, the kids and I had to hit the road to get back to Las Vegas for the birthday party.

Other items of note: one night we went on a girls’ night shopping date. We left Ben with all our kids watching a movie (and planning on going to sleep when it was done) and Ellie, who had just eaten and was sleeping. We sold it to Ben as the easiest babysitting job, ever. EVER. And we truly believed that, we weren’t just saying it.  Well, about 30 minutes later Ben called to tell Kayla that Ellie had been screaming since she left and the rest of the kids were running around and playing. I gave my boys a stern talking to and, happily, when we got home allllll the kids were asleep. Good job, Ben! Also, one afternoon we decided to work on a puzzle. Grandma's puzzles were a little too hard for the little girls, and they quickly lost interest. Asher kept at it, though, and helped us with a large chunk of the puzzle. I happen to love puzzles and worked on it as much as I could. We finished the puzzle the same day we started it!

And totally random aside: The Saturday before the kids and I went to St. George, we'd planned to watch the Olympics and make an Olympic treat (something red, white, and blue). Our plan morphed into making ice cream cookie sandwiches. We told the kids the cookies were totally the Olympic circles and even arranged them as such. And, whilst waiting for cookies, poor Lila was so tired she fell asleep on the couch!

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